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Dust Of Snow -Notes , important questions with answers and test

This is a wonderful poem by Robert Frost conveying a great message of life

                                                               Dust Of Snow ( CBSE 10th)

It is a very symbolic as well as a simple poem by Robert Frost , it has a deeper meaning expressing the importance of small things which change the course of our mentality.

              Here the poet recalls  a small incident that is responsible to change his mood. Once he was in depression or annoyed. He was standing under a hemlock tree. There was a crow sitting on the hemlock tree, suddenly it shook  its feathers and tree. As a result , the snow flakes fell on the poet. This small incident changed the mentality of the poet. 

            As the snow flakes touched the poet and fell on his head, his mood was completely changed. Earlier he was sad or may be in tense, now he was happy or cheerful, in short his mood was refreshed. That day he had rued or was in great tension, but now he forgot his gloomy mood and was quite cheerful. This small incident saved his rest of the day from being wasted in the continuity of depression.

Main Features of the poem:

  • Here the crow and the hemlock tree represent sorrow and evil
  • The dust of snow represent joy and cheerfulness
  • The rhyme scheme is 
           a b a b
  • This poem stands for optimism or hope  and joy 
  • The poem is very brief but its symbolic meaning is very great
  • The message of the poem is that we shouldn’t lose   hope in life and there is always a ray of  hope  or opportunity that waits for us.
    Important Questions and Answers:. 
  • 1. ) What is a ‘ dust of snow’? What does the poet say has changed his mood? How has the poet’s mood changed?

    Ans: Dust of snow refers to the snowflakes fallen on the hemlock tree. 
       The poet was under a hemlock tree , suddenly the crow shook its feathers and the snow fell on the poet changing the poet’s mood.
       The poet was in bad mood or might be mentally disturbed but the sudden  light snowflakes from the tree by the crow changed the poet’s mood

  • 2) What is a hemlock tree? Why doesn’t the poet write about a more beautiful tree such as a maple or an oak or a pine?
  • Ans: It is a small poisonous plant with small white flowers. The  poet doesn’t write about more beautiful tree such as maple or an oak or a pine because the poisonous hemlock tree suits the sad condition of poets mood.

    3) What image come to your mind when you think of a crow?

  • Ans:  Generally crow is not mentioned in poems as the crow is an ugly bird having coarse voice. The reference of crow indicates sad mood of the poet.

    3) What is the message of the poem?
    Ans:  Her the poet wants to convey a great message. Sometimes we are in bad mood or depressed  but small change in the circumstances will change the situation. Also he wants to convey a  message that nature is the greatest answer for all our problems ,Just we have to look upon nature as god.

    4) What does the dust of snow that the crow shakes off hemlock tree stands for?
    Ans: The dust of snow that the crow shakes off a hemlock tree stands for some natural joy. It conveys a message that sad moments will change according to change in situations.

    5 ) Where was the poet? what happened to him?
    Ans; The poet was under a  hemlock tree, he was in bad mood. Suddenly the crow shook dust of snow on the poet inviting change of his mood.

  • 6) Do you find any strange thing in the poem? mention it
    Ans: Yes ,we find some strange facts in this poem like using reference of crow and hemlock tree. Generally crow is not mentioned in the poem as the bird is ugly in appearance and also the poisonous tree like hemlock tree. May be they represent sad  condition of poets mind
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