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English – Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet – 1

Here are the sentences Of Indirect speech or Reported speech

indirect speech worksheet practice paper
1]    “Do you wish to open an account?” The clerk said to the man.
Ans: The clerk asked the man if he wished to open an account.
2]    “Are you her husband?” I said to the man.

Ans :         I asked the man if he was her husband.
3]  Mohan said,” I am hungry, I want something to eat.”

Ans:  Mohan said that he was hungry and he wanted something to eat.
]       “The oracle,” he said,” chose me as the wisest-Athenian.”

Ans:         He said that the oracle had chosen him as the wisest Athenian.
]    He would go straight up and ask him if he rally knew what he was talking about. (Change into direct speech)

Ans:  He would go straight up and ask him, “Do you really know what you are talking about ?”
]     “Have you finished the job. David?” asked John.

Ans:         John asked David if he had finished the job.
]    I said to him. “I don’t think this case should be taken to the court at all.”  

          (Change into indirect speech)
Ans : I told him that I didn’ t think that case should be taken to the  court at all.
]    The father said to his son. “I shall buy a bicycle for your birthday.”

Ans : The father told his son that he would buy a bicycle for his birthday.
9]    He said, “What a foolish job he has done !.”

Ans:  He exclaimed that he had done a very foolish job.
10]    He said to her, “You will get a letter tomorrow.”
Ans : He told her that she would get a letter the next day.
11]    “How amazing it is !”, I said.

Ans : I exclaimed that it was very amazing.
12]     The customs officer said, “I like the old Parsi.”

Ans: The customs officer said that he liked the old Parsi.
]    “Dont argue with your father,” Mrs Goel said to her son.

Ans    Mrs Goel told her son not to argue with his father.
]      “What do you want ? “, he said to her.

Ans: He asked her what she wanted.
]     “I bought a new dress yesterday,” said she.

Ans:  She said that she had bought a new dress the day before.
16]      The principal said to Rahul, “Obey your teachers.”

Ans:  The principal told Rahul to obey his teachers.
]      “I know Hidden Treasure like my own backyard.” he told the dispatcher.

Ans:  He told the dispatcher that he knew Hidden Treasure like his own   backyard.
]      Father said to the teacher,” Is my son doing well ?”

Ans: Father asked teacher if his son was doing well.
]       Doctor said to Meena, “You will have to stay in bed for a week or more.”

           (Change into indirect speech)
Ans:  Doctor told Meena that she would have to stay in bed for a week or more.
]      “Did you visit the Tower when you were in Paris last year?” I asked my friend.

          (Change into indirect speech)
Ans:  I asked my friend if he had visited the Tower when he had been in Paris last year.
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