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English – Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet – 2

Indirect speech worksheet for students for more practice

indirect speech worksheet practice paper
1]    Manish said to Manisha,” How are you?”
Ans: Manish asked Manisha how she was.
2]    Ravi asked Meena what her favourite game was.

Ans : Ravi asked Meena,” What is your favourite game?”
3]    Sachin said to Sarika,”Will vou dance with me?”

Ans : Sachin asked Sarika if she would dance with him.
4]    “Something is burning”, said the man. “Can you smell it, Vinay?”
          (Change into indirect speech)
Ans : The man said that something was burning and asked Vinay if he could     smell it.
5]    ‘Brush your teeth and gargle with a moutwash after every meal.’ said the    dentist to Meena. T will make it my habit,’ said Meena.
          (Change into reported speech)
Ans : The dentist advised Meena to brush her teeth and gargle with a mouthwash after every meal. Thereupon Meena assured the dentist  that she would make it her habit.
6]    “I did not come to college, yesterday.” Lata said to the teacher.
          (Change into indirect speech)
Ans:  Lata told the teacher that she had not gone to college the previous day.
7]      “Who are you and what are you doing here?”. She aksed him.” I am a painter and F m drawing pictures on my pitcher,” he said.
          (Change into indirect speech)
Ans: She asked him who he was and what he was doing there. Thereupon he     replied that he was a painter and he was drawing pictures on his pitcher.
8]      The doctor said,” I have given an injection and it will make you sleep”.     (Change into indirect speech)
Ans  The doctor said that he had given an injection and it would make him/her sleep.
9]      The customs officer said,” I like the old Parsi.”
 Ans : The customs officer said that he liked the old Parsi.
10]      His friend said to him,’ ‘Please wait here for me till I return.”
Ans : His friend requested him to wait there for him till he returned.
11]      “Dear students, how did you enjoy your trip?.” said the teacher.
Ans : The teacher asked students how they had enjoyed their trip.
12]      “What do you want?” he said to her. “Give me a glass of water,” said she.  (Change it into indirect speech)
Ans :He asked her what she wanted. Thereupon she requested him to give her a glass of water.
13]      The teacher took him to task : ” Why don’t you ply your books with more care?” He replied: “My interests aren’t confined to books alone.”
Ans : The teacher took him to task and asked why he didn’ t ply his books with more care. Thereupon he replied that his interests weren’t confined to books alone.

14]      “How did you prepare for your exam?” asked the teacher.
          “I practised writing of answers to the key questions,” said Ruby.
          (Change it into indirect speech)
Ans: The teacher asked Ruby how she had prepared for her exam. Thereupon    Ruby answered that she had practised writing of answers to the key questions.
15]      “What are we going to do about that bloody eagle?”, he asked Carter.
          (Change into indirect speech)
Ans : He asked Carter what they were going to do about that bloody eagle.
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