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English Grammar | Pronoun

Types of pronouns kinds of pronouns

                The word which is used instead of noun is called pronoun.

For Ex.

Ram plays cricket.
He plays cricket.









They / Them


One Category Pronoun:
*He, him, his, himself
*She, her, herself
*We, our, ourselves
*They, them, themselves, their
*it, they, itself

Types of Pronoun

1. Personal Pronouns:
     Pronouns are used to avoid repetition of nouns.

     For Ex. I, He, She, It, You, They, We etc.
2. Reflexive Pronouns:
    In this case, the subject does action to itself / himself / herself expressed in the   

    form of self or selves.
Note: Singular – self
          Plural – selves
For Ex. I did it myself.
          She finished it herself.
          He prepared it himself.
          They hurt themselves.
          The people troubled themselves.

3. Emphatic Pronouns:
    Here the subject stresses the action. In this case, such pronouns are used adjoining

     to noun or pronoun.
    For Ex. I myself did it.
    She herself finished it.
   He himself prepared it.
   They themselves hurt their feelings.

4. Demonstrative Pronouns:
     These pronouns are used to indicate the place or the person.

Note: This / These are used to indicate near place or person.
          That / those are used to indicate for place or person.







For Ex. 1. This is a temple. (Near)
              2. These are temples. (Near)
              3. That is a temple. (For)
             4. Those are temples. (For)

5. Exclamatory Pronouns:
          What! don’t you know.

          What! Still here!

6. Interrogative Pronouns:
          Whom do you want?

          What do you expect?
          Who is there?

7. Indefinite Pronouns:
    Here pronouns are referred in a general way not referring to particular person or

    For Ex. One, None, All, They, Few, a few, Other, Everybody, anyone

8. Distributive Pronoun:
     Each, either, neither are called as distributive persons or things one at a time.

9. Relative Pronouns:
      These are the pronouns which relate or refers to noun (antecedent)

      For Ex. 1.   I saw a man whom I knew.
      2. Here is the report which you expert.
      3. This is the place that I like.

Note: Who, whom, whose, that, which, they etc. are the relative pronouns.

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