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Letter To God – Notes, Imp Questions with Answers And Practice Test

Letter To God is the first lesson of std 10 th CBSE, here are the notes and test for the students

letter to God , Notes , exercise

Chapter at Glance:

  1. Lencho, a poor but hard working farmer surveys his field standing on the hill near his house.
  2. He expects a little rain for his crops but his expectation gets destroyed because of hailstorms. Actually, he is happy in the beginning due to moderate showers but hail rains everywhere.
  3. In this way, his hopes get deteriorate or spoiled.
  4. Now Lencho imagines a complete ruin of his family.
  5. He has complete faith in God so he decides to write a letter to God demanding compensation of the loss.
  6. He demands 100 pesos to sustain his family and for the seeds for next year.
  7. He goes to post office and writes a letter to God regarding 100 pesos.
  8. The post officials laugh at the letter but the post master spiritually  ponders over it and decides to sustain his faith in God.
  9. He collects money from post employee and contributes himself. 70 pesos are collected and it is given to Lencho.
  10. Lencho is very upset to get it, he is sure God never does such injustice with the devotees.
  11. He again writes a letter to God and demands to send the rest but not through the mail as he calls the post officials a bunch of crooks or dishonest people.

Q Answer the following -questions in brief

1 )   What did Lencho hope for?
Ans: There was a strong wind blowing with the rain, after some time it was accompanied with hailstones. Of course it was not desirable for him, he hoped to free his farm from this sudden disaster.

2) Why did Lencho say the raindrops were like new coins?
Ans: Lencho’s farm needed a downpour and luckily in the beginning there were sufficient showers, seeing this downpour, Lencho was satisfied anticipating good harvest for the crops and he felt them as good coins.

3) How did the rain change? What happened to Lencho’s field?

Ans: In the beginning there was a comfortable downpour, but later a strong wind began to blow accompanied with large hailstones. It had been for an hour destroying the house, the garden, the hillside, the cornfield and the whole valley.
    Lencho’s field was filled with hailstones as if there was a kingdom of salt everywhere spoiling the corn and flowers of the plants.

4. What were Lencho’s feelings when the hail stopped?
Ans:  When the hail stopped, naturally Lencho was greatly upset and disappointed , his sorrow knew no bounds thinking of his family’s starvation throughout the year

5) Who and what did Lencho have faith in? what did he do?
Ans: Lencho had a great faith in God, better say immense faith in God. He was sure that God knows everything and everyone’s sufferings. The next day, Sunday at daybreak , he wrote a letter to God asking for help.

6) Who read the letter?
Ans: The postmaster who was an amiable person read the letter.

7) What did he do then?
Ans: When the  postmaster read the letter , he was overwhelmed . He appreciated the writer’s faith in God. He decided to help and respect his feelings. He appealed his colleagues for the contribution and he himself added the remaining amount and managed a comfortable amount from his salary and put in the envelope just writing the God.

8)Was Lencho surprised to find a letter for him with money in it?
Ans: No , Lencho was not at all surprised to find a  letter for him with money in it , it was the proof of his faith in God

9) What made him angry?
Ans: When Lencho found seventy pesos, he was very angry and blamed the post officials for plundering money that God offered him. He was sure that God must have sent hundred pesos but the post officials might have taken 30 pesos from it. He called them a bunch of crooks.

10) Who does Lencho have complete faith in? which sentences in the story tell you this?
Ans: Lencho has complete faith in God, the following sentences in the story tell this
” God, if you dont help me, my family and I will go hungry this year”
All through night, Lencho thought only of his one hope, the help of God.

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