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English | Synthesis

There are three types of sentences according to synthesis, simple , compound and complex


There are three types of sentences according to synthesis

1 simple

2 compound 

3 complex

simple sentence: The sentence having subject and predicate is called as simple sentence

for example:

I love to help others

I : subject

Predicate: love to help others

compound sentence: 

The sentence that is joined with co coordinators is called compound.

List of  coordinators

and, but , or , not only but also, either…or, neither..nor, yet, hence , therefore , still , so, for , hence, as well as etc.

complex sentence

The sentence that is joined by subordinators is called complex sentence
List of subordinators:

all wh words like what where when how which, if , unless, though, although, as,,,,,,as, so,,,,,as, than, so,,,,that, such,,,that, because, as , since, that, sothat, till until, before , after , as soon as, no sooner,,,,than, hardly….when, as if 

Make it Complex

A ) Simple to Complex

1. In spite of laziness, he will pass.

2. I am too kind to get angry with you.

3. He suffered due to his laziness.

4. Having told a lie, he suffered.

5. After listening father’s vehicle sound, he switched off.

6. I know him as an honest man

7. I saw some students playing with friends

8. By working hard , you will become successful

9. Due to laziness, he is earning less

10. After watching the movie, I relieved myself

Compound to Complex

1. Don’t drink a lot or you will suffer 

2. They are my friends still they don’t help me.

3. I can’t help you so I am sad.

4. The train is late and I know about it.

5. They are crying for they got less marks.

6. He is hardworking but he is not respected

7. He is successful and I know about it

8. He is working hard for he wants to score comfortable score

9. He is busy still he plucks time for us

10. They will become doctors and I am certain

Make it Compound

A ) Simple to Compound

1. Having cleared the target of IIT, he is doing cobra dance.

2. By eating junk food, you will spoil your health.

3. Being kind, he will help us.

4. In spite of having 3 bikes, he is not satisfied.

5. Seeing the urchins, she picked up a chappal.

B) Complex to Compound

1. He is happy because he achieved the target.

2. Though he is fair, he goes to parlor regularly.

3. the thieves ran away as the police came.

4. When he saw numerical, he was unconscious.

5. I know where he lives.

Make It Simple

A) Compound to Simple

1. He is lazy so he will suffer.

2. He secured 99.99% so he is dancing.

3. He is active, yet he will not cross the boundary.

4. Don’t drive fast or you will go to ICU.

5. You have to study Board exam as well as IIT exams.

6. I can achieve my  score and I am sure about it

7. The train is late and it is certain


8. You will surely pass and I think so 


9. He is not only lazy but also cunning 


10. I am optimistic for I have good company 

Complex to Simple

1. If you do laziness, you will spoil your life.

2. I saw some birds which were flying above the trees.

3. It is the place where we meet.

4. I know why the train is late.

5. They are so miser that they don’t spend money.

6. I know that you will pass the exam

7. I believe that he is honest

8. I know when the train comes

9. Though he is honest, he is blamed

10. I know where he lives

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