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Improve Your English | Set 1

Thought of the day:
            We are what our thought are.

Today’s New words:
rage, Wrath = anger

agile = Very active

Delighted, jubliant, elated, Mitri

= Happiness

Remorse = Repeat

sorrowful = miserable

amazed, astonished taken aback open mouthed, thunderstruck
                     – Surprised

Improve Your English

Q. Fill in the blanks.
1. I saw many ___________ (cattle / cattles)

2. These __________ (vermin /vermins)
3. I saw many _________ (scenery / sceneries)
4. These _________ (deer / deers) are active.
5. I respect your___________
(advise / advice)

Q. Match the following

    Column A                                                                      Column B
1. One who believes in God                       a. Atheist 
2. One who doesn’t believe in God       b. Fatalist
3. One who believes in fate                      c. Pessimist
4. One who has hope                                   d. Optimist
5. One who looks as dark side of life   e. Theist




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