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Not only but also should be used for two different things without changing the meaning

use not only but also, use as well as , use both....and
  1. They must be kept at home. They must be looked after.
    Ans:  They must not only be kept at home but also be looked after.
  2. Its utility is steadily declining and soil quality is deteriorating.(Rewrite using not only…….but also)Ans: Not only its quality is steadily declining but also the soil quality is deteriorating.
  3. We have Laxmi. We have Durga. (Join using’ as well as’)
    Ans: We have Laxmi as well as Durga.
  4. You and I are fortunate to see this. (Rewrite using ‘both’)
    Ans:  Both you and I are fortunate to see this.
  5. There are trained pilots. There are boats. (Rewrite using ‘as well as’)
    Ans : There are trained piolts as well as boats.
  6. The nation has need of their powers and attainments.
    Ans :  The nation has need not only of their powers but also attainments.
  7. Besides being a tailor, she is also a dress designer.
    Ans : She is not only a tailor but also a dress designer.
  8. They love its cities. They love its villages. 
    (Combine the sentence using ‘both…….and’)
    Ans: They love both its cities and villages.
  9. She was emotional and strong willed.
    Ans:  She was not only emotional but also strong willed.
  10. It was indeed a challenging job for her and her followers.
    Ans:  It was indeed a challenging job not only for her but also for her followers.
  11. Besides the muscles, the nerves are also affected
    Ans:Not only muscles but the nerves are also affected.
  12. They turn me soil again and again and keep it soft.
    Ans:  They not only turn the soil again and again but also keep it soft.
  13. They are powerful and mean, (use not only…but also)
    Ans:    They are not only powerful but also mean.
  14. They are teaching us new facts about me sun and die stars.        (Rewrite using Not only…..but also)
    Ans:  They are teaching us new facts not only about the sun but also about the stars.
  15. That is very broad and multidimensional. (Use Not only…..but also)
    Ans : That is not only very broad but also multidimensional.
  16. I used to go into die villages. I used to watch people comings back.
    (Combine using ‘not only……but also’)
    Ans:   I used not only to go into me villages but also to watch people coming back.
  17. We work in the sun and in the light.
    (Rewrite the sentence using Not only….but also)
    Ans:   We work not only in the sun but also in the light.
  18. The farmer is honest and generous. (Not only… but also)
    Ans:  The farmer is not only honest but also generous.
  19. Tom was rewarded by the principal as well as by die police.
    (Rewrite using Not only….but also)
    Ans: Tom was rewarded not only by the principal but also by die police.
  20. Jane experienced die strain of running a home and maintaining her own career.
              (Use Not only….but also)
    Ans:  Jane experienced die strain not only of running a home but also of maintaining      her own career.
  21. The distance shrunk, the geographical boundaries disappeared.      
    (Rewrite using ‘Not only…..but also)
    Ans:  Not only me distances shrunk but also the geographical boundaries disappeared.
  22. History becomes stirring and epoch-making. (Rewrite using Not only….. but also)
    Ans: History becomes not only stirring but also epoch -making.
  23. He receives a letter. He receives a telegram.  (Combine using Not only….. but also)
    Ans :  He receives not only a letter but also a telegram.
  24. Neither the instructors nor the students have any time.
    (Rewrite the sentence beginning with Both….)
    Ans: Both the instructors and the students have no time.
  25. It identifies me changes in institutions and policies.
    (Rewrite sentence using Not only…..but also)
    ns : It identifies the changes not only in institutions but also in policies.
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