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Famous Idioms

Idioms and phrases beautify the sentences, some idioms are very popular, lets discuss some of them.

Idioms with verbs

1. To be no chicken – to be no longer young, but fully mature

2. To be at sixes and sevens – to be in disorder

3. At the eleventh hour – at the last moment

4. To be out of pocket – to have no ready money

5. To kill time – to busy oneself in some useless thing merely to pass the time

6. To add fuel to the fire – to make a bad situation worse

7. To cut a figure – to attract attention

8. By hook or by crook – by any means

9. To fall prey to  – to become victim

10. To get rid of – to get free from

11. To go with dogs – to be ruined

12. To be taken aback – to be surprised

Idioms with adjectives and nouns

13. Animal spirits – natural health and cheerfulness

14. Bad blood – enemity

15. Blue blood – noble blood

16. A burning question – an important matter

17. A Herculean task – some very difficult work

18. A jail bird – a criminal who has often been in jail

19. A rainy day – times of misfortune

20. A white elephant – something very costly

21. Castles in the air – imaginary schemes

22. Flesh and blood – human nature

23. A lion’s share – a largest part of something

24. A snake in the grass – an enemy concealed from view

25. Aladdin’s lamp – magical powers

26. Petticoat government – rule of woman

27. Alapha and omega – the beginning and the end

28. Kith and kin – relatives

29. Nook and corner – everywhere

30. Bread and butter – livelihood

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