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Std.12 | Poetic Appreciation | The Inchape Rock

Here is the poetic appreciation of all the poems of std 12th , useful for students. this question appears for four marks, and it is compulsory, You have to learn or you can use it in your language

                                                          Poetic Appreciation of All Poems of std 12 th
The Inchcape Rock

About the poet and poem:
This is a ballad, written by Robert Southey. It is the  story of the 14 th century attempt by the Abbot of Aberbrothok  to install a warning bell on the Inchcape , a notorious stone reef about 18 km off the east coast of Angus occupied by the  Bell Rock Lighthouse . The poet was inspired by the legendary story of a pirate who removed the bell on the Inchcape rock and invited death for himself because of his own deed.

The Theme
The Abbot of Aberbrotok installed a bell on the Inchcape rock to alert the mariners to avoid the collision ,the pirate plucked  the bell in jealousy. In return journey ,he invited death due to the lack of an Inchcape bell.

Poetic Device
The figure of speech used in the poem is aabb

The tone of the poem is energetic as it is a balled. There are 4 lines in each stanza, figures of speech like personification, simile, metaphor, beautiful word pictures of the story. We find many old English words here.

Special features
We observe a beautiful presentation of the natural beauty of the sea, it has thus a sea background  . Being a balled, we find great energy while reading the poem. The poem depicts a word of an image of marine beauty.

My opinion/message
The poem is  didactic  , with a great moral message
‘as we sow, so shall we reap’
This message is useful to everyone, we are responsible for our destruction the qualities like jealousy and hatred invite destruction for us.

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