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Find Out The Errors

Here are some incorrect sentences that are commonly found in writing or specking , here we have given correction of them

1. He is my cousin brother.
Ans: He is my cousin.

2. I gave my friends many advices.
Ans: I gave my friends much advice.

3. My hairs are black.
Ans: My hair is black.

4. The sceneries of Ooty are wonderful.
Ans: The scenery of Ooty is wonderful.

5. He gave me 6 dozens a fruits.
Ans: He gave me 6 dozen fruits.

6. I am ready to accept pains in my life.
Ans: I am ready to accept pain in my life.

7.My thanks are for your help.
Ans: My thanks is/ are for your help.

8. One of my student is lazy.
Ans: One of my students is lazy.

9. I stayed in the boarding.
Ans: I stayed in the boarding house.

10. He ate a pizza.
Ans: He ate pizza.

11. Diamond Express is on time.
Ans: The Diamond Express is on time.

12. I am going to the school.
Ans: I am going to school.

13. He jumped into the water.
Ans: He jumped into water.

14. My trouser is loose.
Ans: My trousers are loose.

15. He died from Corona.
Ans: He died of Corona.

16. The weather of Mumbai is humid.
Ans: The climate of Mumbai is humid.

17. Your dress color is perfect.
Ans: The color of your dress is perfect.

18. His family members are kind.
Ans: The members of  his family are kind.

19. Put on spect properly.
Ans: Put on spectacles properly.

20. I like poetries of Shakespeare.
Ans: I like poems of Shakespeare.

21. I am in the station
Ans: I am at the station.

22. They studied in the London University.
Ans: They studied in London University.

23. I read only one poetry.
Ans: I read only one poem.

24. The birds are flying on the tree.
Ans: The birds are flying over / above the tree.

25. He jumped on the table.
Ans: He jumped upon the table.

26. Pass me some blotting.
Ans: Pass me some blotting paper.

27. Please accept his thank.
Ans: Please accept his thanks.

28. This scissor is blunt.
Ans: These scissors are blunt.

29. This road needs repair.
Ans: This road needs repairs.

30. I came with my all luggages.
Ans: I come with my all luggage.

31. One should do his work.
Ans: One should do one’s work.

32. I am angry on you.
Ans: I am angry with you.

33. He is at the bed.
Ans: He is on/in the bed.

34. I am travelling in a train.
Ans: I am travelling on a train.

35. Come fastly.
Ans: Come fast.

36. He lives in boy’s hostels.
Ans: He lives in boys’ hostel.

37. He came in taxi.
Ans: He came by taxi.

38. I came by my car.
Ans: I came in my car.

39. He cries often.
Ans: He often cries.

40. She believes on me.
Ans: She believes in me.

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