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Std.12_To Sir, With Love Activity Sheet

A1]    Character: select the correct name of the teacher from the following characters. Also cite a couple of lines from the extract in support of your answer.
a) Denham       
b]  Miss Joseph                  
c]  Sapiano     
d]  Dale-Evans
A2]    Language: Read the dialogue and find out who the speaker is, his/her tone, the style, significance etc. of the dialogue.
“Then why do we have to do P.T ? Why don’t they take only the kids who need it?”
A3]    Character: Complete the table highlighting the various traits of the characters. 

1. Denham

  2. Miss Phillips

a] —————-

a) —————-


b) —————-

3. Fernman

4. Potter

a] —————-

a) —————-



A4]    Plot : Describe in brief the purpose of organizing the half- yearly report programme of  Student’s Council.        

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