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His First Flight Notes

A wonderful story for those who hesitate to move forward for success

His first flight class 10 th CBSE

His First Flight ( Notes)

Key points:
His First Flight represents a great moral lesson of how to achieve success in our life. It is very true God helps those who help themselves. If we want to achieve success in our  life, surely we have to move forth and try  our best with all efforts to grab success for us. Sometimes we are not sure about ourselves, our natural faculties, our strength, just we encompass ourselves in our negative imagination. Here is the story that teaches a great lesson of success, this story is really very helpful for those who aspire success in their life.

  The entire story moves around the young seagull who is very hesitant to learn the art of flying but at last he was successful to manage to achieve the feat of flight.

The Young Seagull’s hesitance: 

The young seagull was living with his parents, brothers and a sister. His two brothers and sister had already learnt how to fly but the young seagull was quite depressed as he couldn’t muster courage to fly . His parents tried their best to prompt him for it but he was not ready for it. All the members of his family called him to fly but he was quite afraid. His parents threatened him that if he didn’t learn to fly, he might starve and die of hunger but the young seagull was quite nervous for it.

Seagull’s Miserable condition: 

No one had come to see him for last 24 hours, he was watching his parents, sibling flying in the sky and enjoying the feast of fish, his parents were making his brothers and sister perfect in the art of flying, actually they were calling him to come forward and join them, but his fear was the barrier . The heat was increasing and it added his worry or woes as he was maddened with hunger.

His Mother Approaches:

It had been 24  hours he had not eaten anything, the seagull closed his eyes standing on one leg and the other leg hidden under his wing pretending to sleep. No one came to enquire about his condition at last his mother came near to him with a piece of fish at her feet. The young seagull expected that she would feed him but she flew across to him, He leaned to get the food but his mother flew across trying to get nearer to him. Now the young seagull wondered why his mother didn’t come near to him. Now he couldn’t control himself and jumped towards food with a scream and fell downwards into space.

First Flight Begins: 

As he found himself in air , he was quite afraid, his heart was motionless , it was a strange feeling for him but soon he overcame his fear and the next moment opened his wings and felt wind rushing against his breast. He was moving upwards and downwards and grabbed confidence.

Seagull’s  Experience OF Flying:

The seagull gave  a joyous scream soaring high in the sky shouting loudly ga , ga ,ga whereas his mother responded happily gaw,col.ah. Soon everyone joined him appreciating his achievement flying around him, roaring and diving.

Landing On The Surface:

  The young seagull was excellently overcame his fear and  enjoyed his first experience of flight. He appreciated himself for his achievement. Soon his parents and his brothers landed on the green surface of water calling the young seagull . The young seagull was hesitant for it but he had to manage as he was tired and hungry. Firstly his legs sank in water inviting great fear for him, he was quite afraid to drowning in water but as his belly touched the was water, he found himself floating on water. His family gifted him delicious dog fish for his achievement.


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