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Very Useful Phrases and Meanings

These phrases are very helpful for communication and to improve writing skill

useful phrases and their meanings

Phrases and Meanings

1Cooled headCalm minded
2A black sheep A person of bad reputation 
3A bosom friend Very dear friend 
4A chicken hearted fellow Coward 
5A bed of roses Comfortable life
6A bed of thorns Challenging  
7A fair – weather friend A friend who is with us in good condition 
8A jail bird A person who has been to jail many times
9A bird of prey A bird that lives by killing other birds
10To be born under a lucky starTo be lucky in life
11To be in fixTo be confused
12A bird’s eye view A General view
13A cat’s paw To use a person in need
14A child’s playAn easy thing
15A cock and bull story Unbelievable story 
16A drug in the market A thing not in demand in the market 
17A laughing stock An object of ridicule
18A dead letter A law no longer in use
19A rainy dayBad day
20A man of lettersA man of literature 
21A man of parts A person of ability 
22A man of straw A person of no importance 
23A promising youth manA young person who bids fair to be a great  
24A feather in one’s cap A great honour 
25A burning questionA matter hotly discussed in public 
26A capital punishment A crime for which death sentence is awarded
27A red – letter dayAn important day
28A close – fisted manA miser
29A cold – blooded murderAn provoked murder
30A white lie A plain lie
31A warm reception A hearty welcome
32A herculean task A very difficult task
33A wild goose chaseA useless enterprise 
34A bolt from the blue An unexpected calamity 
35At length At last 
36A hen – pecked husband A husband under his wife’s impression 
37A fatal disease A disease that ends in death
38A maiden speechFirst speech
39A casting voteA deciding vote
40A nine day’s wonder timeAnything that creates interest for a short 
41A queer fish A strange person
42A snake in the grassA very dangerous person
43Chip of the old (same) block A person possessing the characteristics of his father
44An open secret A secret known to everybody
45A Square deal A fair treatment 
46All in all All powerful 
47By fits and starts Irregularly 
48Bad blood Enmity 
49By hook and by crook By all means
50Body and soul Entirely 
51By leaps and bounds Rapidly 
52Bread and butter Bare means of living 
53Between the devil and the To be in a difficult position 
54Crocodile tears Pretended sorrow
55Flesh and blood Human nature 
56Hand in hand In unison 
57Ins and outs Full details 
58In black and white In writing 
59Kith and kinRelatives 
60Odds and ends Every bits
61Part and parcel Essential part
62Safe and sound Safely 
63Through thick and thinThrough all difficulties 
64The three R’s Reading, writing and arithmetic
65To hit below the belt To act unfairly 
66Under the rose Secretly 
67Under one’s noseBefore the very eyes of
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