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How To Develop Personality? Personality Traits and Features

Everyone wants to improve personality but many people are away from its exact features, here lets discuss the features related to personality , the exact concept of personality

              There was  a time when the concept of personality was limited to its certain factors like your skin-color, height, lean but stout physique, dressing, talking or walking etiquettes etc but the definition of personality has been changed. In todays modern or computer age, the features of personality have been expanded.

Key features related to personality:

  1. Dressing( Costume):  Yes it is true, your dressing plays a great role to exhibit your personality. Dressing is our first impression, that’s why we should choose our dressing very carefully. It doesn’t mean that you should purchase a very costly dress, whatever you choose dress or its color , it should be according to your body features. There is a very close connection between your skin colour and dress colour. We should choose dress colour respecting our skin colour, skin colour is not in our hand but dress colour choice is in our hand. For example , fair colourd people can use any dark coloured dress, it suits them , remaining should choose faint coloured dressing .
  2. Facial Expression: Our facial expression is the second impression of our personality. Feelings like anxiety, sorrow, fear, irritation, greediness, overexcitement  on our face spoil the charm  of our personality. Silent but steady features play a great role in facial expression.
  3. Eye Contact:  Believe it not, your nature, your thoughts, your attitude, your behaviour are clearly read through your eye contact expression. That why our eye contact should be very appropriate.  while talking to ladies, seniors, juniors, our eye contact should be very appropriate.
  4. Body Language: It is a very vital part of our personality. Body language includes your gestures, walking style etc. We should be extremely careful regarding our body language.
  5. Body physique: This concept includes physical or bodily features, for example those who do regular exercise have muscular body physique which exhibit his confidence and activeness. Those who don’t do exercise , his body features look to be dull or inactive, that’s why regular exercise is compulsorily expected to develop our personality. Regular exercise enriches our body features which is the greatest impression of our personality
  6. English as a part of personality: Nowadays English has become an official and corporate language. Most of the official and corporate communication takes place in English, that’s why our English should be polished and fluent to impress others. we have to tackle people belonging to various countries, state or regions, that time, good English adds cherry on the cake to enrich our personality
  7. Our communicayion style: yes it plays a very influential role to develop our personality. How we communicate or talk adds features to our personality. Its a skill how to talk to variety of people. communication  pattern to juniors, seniors or our friend should be obviously different respecting age, profession and manners.
  8. Mannerism: Mannerism is a very important part of personality. We should possess adequate mannerism: Manners make a man.  while dealing with people including our way of talking, behaving, sitting style, eating style ,even  simple various activities or actions add features to personality.
  9. Cleanliness: Cleanliness is a very integral part of our personality. People judge you by the cleanliness you maintain. Simple logic, one who maintains cleanliness is supposed to be a clean minded person. We should maintain cleanliness in body features, our office, our car or concerned vehicle and  our other possessions.
  10. Other features: The features like putting on proper chappals or shoes, wrist watch , appropriate tie, good colored clean  handkerchief play a great role to develop our personality.
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