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How to Introduce Yourself?

Here are some traits to introduce yourself in interview or job placement

how to introduce introduce yourself in an interview or hob placemtn
It is a general phenomenon especially in interviews to ask the candidate to introduce himself. Following hints can be used when you are asked to introduce yourself.
I am _(your name)
I am a resident of __(place)
I was born on __(date of birth)
I passed __ (education) from _ (institute)
I work hard and hope for the best.
I don’t imitate others blindly.
History and psychology are always my favorite subjects.
‘Work is worship’ is my motto.
I believe in truth and follow the ethics of truths.
I am a great admirer of nature.
Money is of little moment for me.
I have full faith in god but I am not fatalist.
I love to mix in society.
I am a peace loving man.
I carry out my duties unhesitatingly.
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