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Talking about Time

talking about time

Time is a noun with a number of meanings. In some senses it is countable, and in others it is uncountable.

Time: seconds, minutes, hours, years

We use time to refer to what is measured in seconds, minutes, hours and years as a whole. In this sense it is uncountable.

Time: talking about clock or calendar time

When we talk about specific clock times, time is countable.
1) Excuse me, what’s the time by your watch please?
2) It’s three o’clock.
3) I am afraid your watch in slow.
4) Shall we start at 5?
5) Let’s hurry up it is already 6.
6) You are late again, this will not do.
7) It’s 9:00 a.m. it’s time to set out.
8) When do you take your dinner?
9) We have dinner at 8 p.m.
10) My watch is out of order.
11) Respect time, time will respect you.
12) When does your school meet every day?
13) Please be on time, I don’t like to waste time.
14) I’m sorry I have taken so much of your time.
15) How time flies!
16) Hurry up the train is about to depart.
17) I believe in the phenomenon of time.
18) Don’t play with time.
19) Would you respect my appointment.
20) I am about to leave now.

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