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How To Keep Children’s Mood Fresh

Parenting is an art and skill, here are some tips to keep children’s mood fresh, very valuable from parenting point of view

how to keep children's mood fresh

Nowadays it  is very challenging to do ideal parenting. Parenting has become an art and skill. There was time, in joint families, children used to learn basic and moral values but today due to nuclear families. We have limitations. It is very important to maintain children’s mood for positive prospects which needs certain guidance and upgradation respecting their psychology.
                   Here are some tips to keep childrens’ mood fresh.

Tip -1   Games and Sports

                   Yes it is very true, those children who regularly do exercise or play games and sports, they become mentally and physically tough and positive minded. Exercise makes them slim and active. It helps to burn their extra fat accumulated in their body. Exercise encourages Endorphin chemical which is responsible to make them fresh. The efficiency of brain gets developed due to good blood circulation.

Tip -2  Exercis,e : 

 Exercise develops their confidence, believe it or not, it is true. Exercise boosts children’s confidence. They develop positive spirit which is very helpful for them to tackle the challenges of life. Children who play games or sports are found less stressed and more energetic. While playing, they develop valuable emotion sharing mentality.

Tip-3       Importance of yoga

                    Yoga will be a blessing for children. There is no need to join any yoga class to do practice, there are good videos on you tube on yoga. Yoga makes children’s body flexible and active. Yoga makes them strong ,physically and mentally. The greatest benefit of yoga is that yoga develops their mental  attitude positively.

Tip- 4      Arrange a small party

          It will be beneficial , celebrate every success of your kids with a small party where you will call his nearest and dearest friends. The benefit is that he fees that he is taken care of. Next time he will take care of your instruction because arranging party for him helps him to think that you have respected his feelings.

Tip- 5      Respect their feelings.

          It is observed that generally parents tackle their kids according to their expectation which may not be advocated. They have their own feelings, expectation, we should respect them. Sometimes they want to go to movie, or hotel or any picnic place. If we fulfill their demand once in a month , surely they will respect our expectation towards them.

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