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Std.IX CBSE English| The Sound of Music

Here is a worksheet or practice paper for the 9th CBSE students related to Literature , the lesson dedicated for success aspirants

practice paper mcq sound of music

1]      The girl was waiting for _______________.

         A]     bus     b]      train          c]       aeroplane          d]    taxi

2]      Evelyn Glennie belonged to _______________

         A]     Africa          b]      Japan      c]    China     d]      Africa

3]      Evelyn is proud of her achievement

         A]     True             b]      False          

4]      Her hearing loss was due to _______________

         A]     Nerve damage                         b]      accident   C]     infection              d]      unknown reason

5]      Evlyn was determined to_______________

         1]      Challenge her deafness             2]      to lead a normal life 3]      to accept her inability               4]      to take higher treatment

6]      Ron ferbes recognized Evlyn’s _______________

         A]     talent    b]      ability       c]       weakness     d]      strength

7]      She could sense certain notes in _______________

         A]     heart            b]      mind           c]       ear     d]      different parts of the body

8]      She auditioned for the Royal Academy of on Royal in London by playing the _______

         A]     Piano           b]      guitar          c]       Xylophone       d] Harmonium

9]      In the beginning she used to give solo performance_____________

 1]      True   b]  False                                                          

10]    Evlyn is proud of her achievement _______________

         A]     True             b]      False

11]    She has mastery over_______________ instruments  

         A]     100              b]      200             c]       300             d]      1000

12]    She speaks_______________

         A]     Scottish       b]      Japanese               c] French     d]      all of these

13]    She senses that sound passes in her _______________

         A]     heart            b]      mind           c]       fingertip      d]      soul

14]    She removes her shoes on a wooden platform because _______________

         A]     She wants to respect music                b]      She feels vibrations in her body

         C]     She wants to respect the audience     d]      it is a tradition

15]    She considers herself as a workaholic

         A]     True             b]      false

16]    She doesn’t like to give free concerts

         A]     True             b]      false           

17]    Evlyn is an _______________ for the deaf childre

A] inspiration             b]      idol   

         c]      a moving spirit               d]      all of the above

18]    The word ‘ daunting’ means _____________

         A]     frightening             b]      scary           c]       fearful         d]      all the above

19]    A person who plays drum, table etc is known as _______________

         A]     Musician               b]      vocalist       c]       lyricist        d]      percussionist

20]    The word ‘ Flawlessly’ means _______________

         A]     strength                 b]      weakness    c]       laziness       d]      idleness

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