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Ideal parenting Tips

Ideal parenting is an art as well as an analysis after meeting several experiences and encounters. Certain arts are learnt after acquainting features and studies, parenting is one of them. Here are some useful tips for ideal parenting.

There was time when joint families used to play a vital role to nourish the children, grandparents contribution for it cannot be neglected.

Nowadays because of nuclear families, parenting has become an art, it is really very challenging to become ideal parents, firstly parents have to be ideal , they have to dedicate themselves. Actually all parents dedicate  a great hard work for their children but ideal parenting deserve some skills as well as some pearls .

When your children come to know that you understand them, they try to understand you, but we have to cross certain bridges for it.

Here are some tips for Ideal parenting:

  1.  Your child is special:
    Always try to make them feel that your kids are special for you. Make up stories in which Your child is the hero or heroine. Never try to dominate him or her that he or she cant do certain things. Your children remember your words.

  2.  Appreciation:
            Whenever your child makes something new or try something new, appreciate him or her, it will develop his creativity. Everyone likes appreciation , your kids are no exception. Your small appreciation will encourage him for great work.
  3.  Control your anger:
    When you get angry with your kids, use words properly, throughout life they will remember your words, that is not affordable for you. If you get angry with them every time, they will be habitual and they will not respect you inviting more irritation for you.

  4. Avoid Comparison:
    Never compare your child with others, comparison will make them more rude or angry.  No one likes comparison , your kids are no exception. It is observed that such comparison invites severe problems in parenting.

  5. Regarding their school marks:
    Whenever they get less marks, instead of getting angry , console them and wish them for the next exams. If you get angry for getting less marks,
    next time either they will hide their marks or tell lies or do something wrong in the exam by copying answers from others or will do mal practice in the exam

  6.  Respect Their dreams:
    Try to get excited over your child’s dreams, respect his dreams, don’t load your dreams on them. Generally parents want children to lead their life according to parents expectations , they will surely listen to you but you have to respect their dreams.

  7. Celebrate their success:
    Yes it is very important , whenever they get good marks, do something new, always celebrate the moment. Such moments will encourage them for future success. such celebrations are temporary but its effects are permanent.
  8. Avoid ill comments :
      Your kids follow you, whatever you do ,you talk , you behave, they will surely follow you specially up to the age of their 15. That’s why try to avoid ill comments about others in front of them. Casually you talk but they follow such things seriously.

  9. Teach them good habits:
     Its parents duty to teach good habits to their kids, in the beginning they will trouble you but later they will be habitual for such habits, for that parents firstly should have good habits. Once they get moulded for good habits, throughout their life they will carry good habits.
  10. Visit New places:
    This is very important, arrange small trips or vacations, show them new places. As a result, they will meet new people, meet their attitude, learn new things from others. In addition, they will feel change as well as add new experiences. They will feel a new world and come to know that whatever they do is very limited,

    Some More Tips:

  11. Post some inspiring quotation or photo in their bedroom , they will be inspired
  12. Hug them affectionately once in a day, it works a lot
  13. Arrange a Praise Party for their friends whenever they have special days.
  14. Talk to your child at night discussing all the major events of the day, they will feel that they are a part of your life.
  15. Your simple smile towards them will make them more comfortable.

  16. If possible, read with them inspiring stories or newspapers.
  17. Take some photos of them doing praiseworthy thing and make a series of them pasting on the wall
  18. Whenever they do any creative, say ” You are so creative, I feel I should do it.”
  19. Send your child to store with the money to buy food items and say, ” whatever you buy for me, it will be wonderful.” such things make them more responsible
  20. Praise your child on doing small things , they will be motivated.
  21. Accept their mistakes, don’t point out their mistakes, just encourage them. If you get angry on their mistakes, they will fear to do new things.
  22. Give them some tasks like arranging your party, decorating your bedroom, cleaning the living room.
  23. Always say, ” You can do it, don’t worry about mistakes, I am with you.”  See the difference.
  24. Whenever you list for grocery or shopping , ask them about their requirement.
  25. Whatever you discuss at home, ask their opinion about it, never say, ” You don’t know anything.”

    Happy Parenting.


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