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Idioms and Phrases Based On Themes


A bull in the china shopAn unskilled person
A cock and bull storyFalse story
A scapegoatTo make someone take the blame of others
A sitting duckAn easy prey
A snake in the grassHidden enemy
A stalking horseSomeone’s hidden intentions
A wolf in sheep’s clothingA person that appears harmless but is actually dangerous
Back the wrong horseEndorse the weak & wrong person
Bell the catTake step on own risk
Black oxMisfortune
Black sheepDisgraceful person
Cat among the pigeonsReason of fear
Cat and dog lifeLife full of strife
Cock a snookShow impudent contempt
Cry wolfGive a false alarm
Dark horseUnexpected winner
Dog daysMiserable life
Dog eat dogViciously competitive
Dog in the managerSelfish person
Don’t look a gift horse in the mouthDon’t be ungrateful when you receive a gift
Donkey’s yearAfter long time
Every dog has its dayGood day comes sooner or after 
Feather in one’s capAdditional success
Feather in one’s nestTo enrich oneself by taking advantage of one’s position 
Flogging a dead horseTo waste one’s energy 
Fly in the face ofTo be resist 
From the horse’s mouthFrom a reliable source, one the best authority
Gone to the dogsCompletely destroyed 
Have other fish to fryTo have more important things to do ro attend to 
Keept the wolf away from the doorMaintain oneself at a minimal level
Lap dog Feather others for profit
Let sleeping dogs lieDo not instigate trouble 
Let the cat out of the bagRevel mystery / demystry 
Like a cat on hot bricks Restless, unable to remain still due to nervousness
Lion’s shareLarge part of share
Put all eggs in one basketPut in danger
Put the cart before the horseTo do things in wrong order
Raining cats and dogsRaining heavily 
Rat raceIntense competition for success
Rule the roost To be the boss
Sacred cowHonorable 
Small fry Insignificant person 
Smell a rat Institution something wrong 
Take the bull by horns To face danger courageously 
Take under wings Provide shelter
Until the cows come homeFor a very long time
Wangle over an ass shadowTo argue over trivial matters


Be in the limelightTo be the centre of attention 
Between the devil and the deep blue seaFacing two eauality unpleasant, dangerous situation
Bite your lipHesitate to express negative expression
Black and whiteIn writing 
Black and thunderExtreme anger
Black hand Society in offensive circumstance
Black hearted Cruel
Black look Full of gate and anger
Black sheepReason of shame for family 
Blue bloodRoyal, descent 
Blue collar workersUnskilled worker
Blue murder Critical situation
Blue of the blueHigher prize in competition
Blue stocking Lady who takes interest in literacry work
Blue eyed boyFavorite person
Bolt from the blueUnexpected and sudden misfortune
Brown studyState of day dreaming 
Catch red handedArrest person doing offence
Dark futureFuture in danger
Feeling blueFeel sad
Frey area Anbiguity
Green fingersOne who like gardening 
Green horninexperience / gullible
Green thumbExtra ordinary virtue of gardening 
Green with envy Very envious 
Green eyed blueJealous / very envious 
Grey marketillegal commerce
Grey matterWisdom
Have green eyes Be jealous
In the blackin a financially profitable condition
In the pink To be happy and healthy 
In the red In the debt
Lily whiteInnocent
Once in a blue moonOccassionally 
Out of the blue Unexpected
Paint the town redExtreme enjoyment 
Purple heartBravery 
Red baitTo criticise
Red carpetRoyal welcome
Red herring Divert from the main issue
Red letter dayA glorious day
Red rag to a bull To provoke for a violent reaction
Red tapeBureaucratic rule / Too much of official formalities
Sail under false colors False identification
See redBe angry
Show the white featherTo show cowardice 
Talk a blue streakContinuously fask talk
The grass is greener on the other sideThings always seem better in another place
To be green Undeveloped
To beat black and blueBeating mercilessly
To get green lightGet permission 
To look through roseFrom hopeful opinion
True blueLoyal person
White collar workersskilled labor 
White elephantExpensive but of no use
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