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Immortal Thoughts

Immortal Thoughts

👉Evil begets evil.

👉There is no rule in fool’s kingdom.

👉No road is long with good company.

👉Feeding the hungry is good charity.

👉The sky will not fall.

👉Always expect the unexpected.

👉You buy an enemy when you lend money.

👉Self help is the best help.

👉Don’t play with fire. Old habits die hard.

👉A habit knows no cure. All men aren’t alike. Some are wise, some are fools.

👉Man is known by his qualities, not by kinsfolk.

👉Life is a bubble of water, life is transient.

👉Light gains make heavy purses.

👉Handsome is what handsome does.

👉When the cow is old, she is soon sold.

👉Cowards die many time before their death.

👉Some are wise, some are otherwise.

👉Every man is sinner. No one is perfect.

👉No man is born wise.

👉Every man is unhappy in his own way.

👉Practice what you preach.

👉Silence is consent.

👉A good word costs nothing.

👉When character is lost, everything is lost.

👉Every white will have its black.

👉Worry kills a cat. Water doesn’t stay on a ducks back.

👉A mistake is a mistake whether small or large.

👉Fair words cheat both wise and fools.

👉Where one door shuts, another opens.

👉Sometimes god sends nuts to those who have no teeth.

👉Young and age will never agree.

👉Misfortunes carry shadows.

👉He who laughs on Friday will weep on Sunday.

👉The wearer knows where the shop pinches.

👉Near is my shirt but nearer is my skin.

👉Wealth breeds worries.

👉So many men, so many opinions.

👉God gives both mouth and meat.

👉Payment qualifies the work.

👉Eat to live, not live to eat.

👉A heavy purse makes a light heart.

👉Winner is he who wins in the end.

👉A penny saved is penny earned.

👉Whatever will be, will be.

👉Excess of love spoils the child.

👉Quarrelsome dogs get dirty name.

👉A lie has no wings, lies have no feet.

👉Ignorance is revealed by speech.

👉All becomes wiser after the sufferings. Suffering awakens the wisdom.

👉A soft answer turns away the wrath (anger).

👉It is hard to hide a disease from a doctor.

👉Alms never make a man poor.

👉This world is a Trojan house.

👉Sinners die late. Oil and truth will come to the surface.

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