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Inspiring Thoughts That May Change Your Mentality

We are what our thoughts are , we behave according to our thoughts, that’s why we should read motivational thoughts again and again , surely good or motivational thoughts play a great role to change our life

* Life is a chapter of problems and accidents, be ready to face them.

* Always expect the unexpected.

* We are what our friends are.

* Friends will either construct your life or destroy it, choose your friends to construct your life, choose constructive minded friends.
* Better be alone than in bad company.

* One good friend is equal to thousand books.

* Bad friends are like credit card, feel good to be in their company but we have to pay later a great.

* Good friends are like debit card, what we invest good due to them, easy to get from them.

* Whatever good friends do good for us, even god doesn’t whereas bad friends allot us more than any demon.

* Overthinking brings a series of negative thoughts , overthinking is a disease more dangerous than cancer.

* Truth and oil always come on the surface.

* Bad invites bad, thats why bad company invites bad consequences.

* You buy an enemy when you lend money.

* When the cow is old, it is sold.

* Old habits die hard.

* In this world, some are wise , some are otherwise.

* Habits know no cure.

* Every man is unhappy in his own way.

* Good words cost nothing.

* When character is lost, everything is lost.

* Character is more important than beauty.

* As happiness stays for certain time, in the same way unhappiness remains for a certain time, dont worry.

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