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The Correct Use Of Determiners

Sometimes determiners confuse us because of their similar features, For example few, a few, the few , little a little, the little . Some and any. Few little. Many, much. Lets clear the confusion with examples

determiners its types examples practice sheet

The word that determines the noun is called determiner.

Types of determiners:

  1. Articles:
    a , an, the are the articles in English.
    a, an are called the indefinite articles.
    the is called as definite article.
    ( For detail study of articles, read special blog on article from English with pk99)
  2. Demonstratives: This, that, these, those are called are demonstratives. 
    For ex; this girl, these girls, that tree, those trees

  3. Possessives:  they show the things belong to somebody.
    my friend, our friends, your mother.
  4. Some other determiners:

Little, a little, the little

They are used for uncountable nouns and denote quantity

Little– It shows negative sense, means not much

A little – It shows positive sense ,means some at least

The little – It shows one negative sense and the other positive 

I have little sugar ( Means I dont have much sugar)

I have a little sugar ( Means positive sense means at least some sugar

I saved the little sugar by dieting  ( Means I didnt have much sugar , whatever I had , I saved it)

Few, A few, The few

They are used for countable noun and denotes number

Few–  It shows negative sense
It means not many

A few – It shows positive sense means some at least

The few – It means one negative statement and other affirmative , means the whole of a particular number

For Ex

There were few trees ( Means there were not many trees , may be very less)

There were a few trees ( Means there were at least some trees)

I pointed the few problems( means there were limited mistakes but I pointed all of them

Many , Much, Fewer, less

Many and Fewer denote number 

For ex= There were many trees 
I asked fewer men about it

Much and less show quantity
There is much milk in the pot
He has less work to do 

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