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Letter Writing Exercise or worksheet

Here are some specimen of letter writing exercise with format

Q 1 You are Rahul / Rakhi, write a letter to the district collector of your city thanking him for implementing tree plantation drive arranged in your city as the drive is showing a great effect changing your city into a  wonderful garden. 

Q 2 You are Rohan/ Rohini, write a letter to the principal of your school requesting to set an RO water system in your school respecting the health of students.

Q. 3  Write a letter to the mayor of your city complaining about the bad condition of the pubic gardens in your city as the gardens are full of garbage, wastes, and unpleasant smell.

Q 4 You are Smita/ Prakash, write a letter to your class teacher requesting him or her for granting two days leave as you have to attend your cousin s wedding.

Q. 5 Write a letter to the bank manager complaining about the rude behaviour of the bank employees towards the customers , as they don’t cooperate the customers properly, use arrogant language, postpone the expected work etc.

Format of The Official Letter

16/2 Samata colony
Nanded Road

The Mangaer
The Jantha Bank

Sub: About bank employees behaviour

Respected sir, 

                                                         5 lines introductory paragraph

                                                            10 Lines Main body

Thanks, regards

Yours faithfully,


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