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23 .Never Listen to ill minded people – A Motivational Story

a motivational story for students to become successful
Once in a certain village, there used to live a great saint. He was famous for his wisdom, many people used to come to listen to him, his sermons, and his advice. One day he was with his disciples ,suddenly a man came and started to abuse him. The saint just kept silent, he didn’t respond him. The man shouted angrily at him, used improper words for him, but the saint didn’t lose his calm . All his followers were confused. They didn’t understand for some time, they thought that it might be the saint’s fault, that’s why he was listening to that man. After some time, the man went away. All people asked the saint the reason of his silence. The saint said, “Very simple , he was giving me garbage, it’s my choice to take the garbage into my head or reject it. I was rejecting the garbage. If I took it, I had to give it to someone. That’s why I didn’t pay attention to him. We have to ignore the people who talk ill of us.”
Moral :- Never accept ill comments of people.
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