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24.Change Your Mentality – Problems will be changed – A Motivational Story

Once there was a young man. He was very sorrowful. All the things happened in his life seemed to be against him. He decided to get a solution from his mentor. His mentor or guide listened to his complaint carefully. He took some salt and poured it into a glass. He asked the young man. “ How is water now?” The young man said,” It is very salty.” He took him to river. He again took some salt and threw it into water. He asked the young man. “How is water now , salty or tasteless ? “The young man said, “Regular taste,” The teacher said, “Life problems are like this. If we think in compact ways, they are very serious, if we consider problems in a broad mentality, they are normal, thats why we should accept the problems with broadminded prospects”.
Moral :- It’s our mentality to look upon problems either serious or manageable . Problems may be great , but we should have great approach to tackle the problems .
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