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Personal Response Questions. – Examples

Here are some examples for personal response questions , students can avail for practice

Personal response questions examples

Rules for writing Personal response questions:

Rule 1: While writing an answer, respect the tense of the question. This is the first priority.
Rule 2.  Take care of punctuation rules, like capitals, commas, colons, etc.
Rule 3: Try to respect the positive aspect while writing the answer, as the negative aspect drags negative marks.
Rule $:  Use the expressions like in my opinion, I think, I assume, etc.
Rule 4:  The first paragraph should be of 5 to 6 lines and the second paragraph should be of 2 lines.
Rule 5:  Take care of articles, and prepositions while writing answers.

Examples for Practice:

Answer the following questions in six to eight lines.

1. Why should we be away from the bad company?
We should be away from the bad company because bad invites are bad and good invites are good. Bad company is responsible for bad habits, bad mentality, bad attitude, bad career, bad performance in every work, etc. All the bad habits of the world are the greatest gifts of bad company.
Bad friends always misguide us and promote for bad attitude and they divert us from our ambition or aspiration. 

Important Personal Response Questions Chapter wise

1  An Astrologer’s Day

  1. Do you believe in astrology? Justify your answer.
  2. We need to understand even minutest details of the business to be successful in business. Justify the statement
  3. Do you like to know about your future from an astrologer?  Give reasons
  4. What do you think about astrology , an art or a skill or sci ? Justify your answer
  5. Listening is more important to be successful in life. Explain this statement with the help of the astrolger’s example
  6. How do you react when someone challenges you for debate or any competition?
  7. The astrologer finally makes his day, do you agree with his skills ? Justify your answer.
  8. Which qualities of the astrologer impress you a lot?

    2. On Saying ‘ Please’

  9. What is the importance of Mannerism in our life?
  10. Manners and etiquettes make a man. Justify the statement
  11. How do you tackle the people who are impolite to you?
  12. Whom do you call a well mannered person?
  13. How can we develop Mannerism and etiquettes in our life/
  14.  Do you think friends and surroundings play an important role to develop mannerism? Justify your answer 
  15. Why should we possess mannerism in our life?

    3. The Cop and The Anthem

  16. Do you sympathy for Soapy? Justify your answer
  17. Cleanliness plays a great role to make the hotel famous. Justify your answer
  18. Have you ever stolen anything ? Narrate the incident
  19. Mention the reasons of beggary for a person.
  20. Music plays a great role to change our mentality. DO you agree?  Justify

    4. Big Data  Big Insights

  21. Technology has changed our lifestyle. Explain
  22. Technoglogy is  a boon or curse. Explain with examples
  23. Social media has brought the world at one platform. Do you agree? Justify
  24. Social media is addictive.  Opine.
  25. How has internet bloomed our world?

    6.Into the Wild

  26. Have you ever enjoyed a safari in forest? Narrate your experience
  27. Have you ever lost lost in a jungle or wild forest? Narrate your experience
  28. Do you like to move in the forest observing the forest life? Reasons
  29. Have you ever met a wild animal face to face? Narrate your experience
  30. Why should we preserve wild life?
  31.  What will you do if you meet a wild animal face to face?

    8. Voyaging Toward Excellence
  32. What kind of childhood did you enjoy?’
  33. Which childhood memories do you cherish?
  34. Friends play a great role to develop our personality. Justify
  35. What qualities of the write have impressed you a lot?
  36. Ambition and passion are more important than material pleasures. justify
  37. What do you learn from the writer?
  38. Books and friends develop our personality. Justify
  39. Who is your idol? why?
  40. Name some top educational universities of the world and India


    1. Song of the open Road

  41. What kind of life do you want to lead?
  42. Express your views regarding the poem
    2. Indian Weavers
  43. What do you think about Indian Weavers? 
  44. What do you know about Sarojini Naidu?
  45. Give your ideas about three stages of life
  46. Compare childhood with youth

    3.The Inchcape Rock

  47. Do you like to enjoy sea journey? explain
  48. What kind of obstacles do we face in sea journey?
  49. What do you learn from this poem?
  50. The evil invites evil for him. justify

    4. Have You Earned Your Tomorrow

  51. How do you deal with a strange person?
  52. Why should we keep social relations with others?
  53. Do you agree with the poet’s views?  Explain

    5. Father returning Home

  54.  How do you welcome your father when he comes from office?
  55. Mention any four problems that the train commuters suffer
  56. How should we behave with the person who dedicates his life for us?
  57. Write your feelings about your father

    6. Money

  58. Share your views on Money and its influence
  59. Money is responsible either to build relations or to spoil relations. Your opinion
  60. Can we be happy without money ? Justify your opinion
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