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Purchasing Car for yourself ? Vitara Brezza : My Review , My Experience , My Rating

Vitara Brezza is one of the most popular compact SUV s in India. Many people get confused while choosing cars for them, Vitara Brezza is one the best options, lets go for its key features


Purchasing car for family is an unexceptional dream of every person, when the concerned person is mentally prepared to purchase car, he finds himself in confusion about the selection of car for him

Nowadays many national as well as international car companies attract customers with a variety of car models , they develop car models according to the clients budget, respecting their needs.

I purchased Vitara Brezza in 2017 after a great confusion for selection 

Following points should be taken into consideration while purchasing car for you

  • Your exact need
  • your budget
  • your requirement
  • Most important parking space
  • very important your concept should be cleared regarding your selection
  • Your study about your car model selection respecting peoples review

    Very Important; Dont purchase your car according to peoples choice, generally people imitate others selection,  your positive study of cars will help you to select a good car for you

    Nowadays all car companies try their best to provide best of the best quality car to the costumers.

If your  selection is strong , you can choose the best car for yourself

VItara Brezza- From My point of view

Plus points-

  • Affordable price
  • Good sporty look
  • Attractive interior
  • Good ground clearance
  • Good grip on road
  • Safety features
  • Technically strong
  • Good highway pickup
  • Good mileage 

    As every perfection comes with certain imperfections, this car also has some noticeable pitfalls
  • Takes time to get pick up in city traffic 
  • Dashboard quality seems to poor

    My Rating
  • ****1/2
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