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Types Of Pronouns

A pronoun is a word which is used in place of noun. lets discuss its types


Personal Pronoun

First person: I , we, our , me, my, mine, ourselves, ours, us

Second person: You, your, yourself, yourselves

Third person: he, him, his, she, her, it, they, them, their, themselves, hers

Demonstrative Pronoun:

this, that, these , those

For ex: This is my car

These are my fruits

That is the option

Those are their trees

Relative pronoun:

Who, whom, whose, which

For ex: 

  • It is the place which attracts me
  • He is the man who helps me
  • They are the people whom I tackle
  • I called the students whose problem was genuine

Interrogative Pronoun:

Who, whom, whose, which, whose

For ex:

  • Who told you?
  • Whom do you want?
  • Whose talent is observed?
  • Which is the best option?

Indefinite Pronoun:

one, ones, none, all , some, nobody, few, many, etc

For ex:

  • One is absent
  • Dear ones, come here
  • None is called
  • All are invited
  • Nobody was told
  • Few were invited
  • Many were asked

Distributive Pronouns:

Each, either, neither, every, everyone, no one

For ex:

  • Each of you will be called
  • Either of you will be punished
  • Neither of them is guilty
  • Everyone is asked
  • No one is punished
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