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Periodic Test | 10th CBSE | Practice Paper |

Here is the periodic test paper for 10 th cbse

1)            Nelson Mandela was over whelmed with a sense of _____
a)            Victory
b)            Knowledge
c)            Glory
d)            History
2)            Love comes naturally to the human ____________

a)            Brain               
b)            Feeling              
c)            Heart       
d)            Mind
3)            Kitty refers to ______________
a)            City                 
b)            Town               
c)            Diary         
d)            Friend
4)            Who are most unpredictable according to Anne?
a)            Friends           
b)            Parents           
c)            Teachers 
d)            None
5)            Goa people look at the baker as ________________
a)            Worker           
b)            Friend             
c)            Vendor
6)            The narrator longed for __________
a)            Biscuits           
b)            Bread bangles       
c)            Bread
7)            ___________is the indispensable part of Goa Police.

a)            Festival         
b)            Beach               
c)            Baker       
d)            People
8)            What is called external by the poet?
a)            Life               
b)            Money                
c)            Gains     
d)            Property
9)            The poet doesn’t like to intrude _____________
a)            His parents        
b)            The boy       
c)            His friends

10)          Where does Amanda find peaceful life?
a)            At home             
b)            in cottage           
c)            in tower
11)          The word ‘nagged’ means____

a)            Happy           
b)            Peaceful             
c)            Tranquil   
d)            Teased
12)          The thief’s story is set in __________

a)            Lucknow    
b)            Mumbai              
c)            Delhi         
d)            Merrat
13)          Anil’s nature was _____________
a)            Frugal         
b)            Stingy      
c)            Considerate      
d)           Pessimistic
14)          Trick’s ailment was cured by _____
a)            Surgery               
b)            Medication        
c)            Diet
15)          The name Surgery refers to ________

a)            Operation          
b)            House                  
c)            Hospital              
16)          He invited me to ____________tea.
a)            a           
b)            an                 
c)            the                 
d)            No article
17)          A parcel of toys ___________received.

a)            is         
b)            are                        
c)            both
18)          The pair of shoes ___________torn.
a)            is           
b)            are                        
c)            both
19)          All ____________become history.
a)            has                        
b)            have                     
c)            both
20)          Sorry I can’t help, I have __________money.
a)            little       
b)            a little       
c)            a few           
d)            the little
21)          I take _________dinner at 8 p.m.
a)            a             
b)            an               
c)            the           
d)            No article
22)          Kalidas is ________Shakespeare of India.

a)            a               
b)            an             
c)            the
23)          They filed ________FIR against him.

a)            a           
b)            an             
c)            the
24}         I cant make tea , I have………………milk
a)           little      
b)           a little
25)        Either my friends or I ….blamed.
a)          am         
b)          are                         
c)          is

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