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Learn the use of Articles in English.

Article - When to use a, an
The article which doesn’t refer to any particular person or thing is known as indefinite article.

For ex:                                        a man (Not specific)
                                                      An orange (Not specific)

When to use article ‘a’?

      1. Before common noun.

     Ex. a man, a boy, a girl

     2. It should be singular countable common noun.

     Ex. a boy, a teacher

    3. The common noun should begin with consonant sound.

    Ex. a bird, a city, a village

   4. To express price, speed, ratio
      (In short to express per or each)

       Ex.  The exact cost of these flowers is 50 rupees a kilo.

                       Take these tablets three times a day.
Article Example
Note: Observe carefully, the above mentioned words begin with sound ‘a’, though letter sound is different.
When to use article ‘an’?

         1. Before common noun

        2. It should be singular countable common noun

        3. It should begin with vowel sound. (a, e, I, o, u = vowels)
Examples: an aero plane, an ass, an eel, an elephant, an enemy, an inkpot, an ice-cream, an onion, an orange, an umbrella, an ugly face.

Please note the following exceptions:

Note: The above mentioned words begin with vowel ‘u’ but their pronunciation begins with consonant sound ‘y’ that’s why they adopt article ‘a’.
When to use article ‘The’
Article ‘the’ should be used before the names of:
1)  Holy books
2)  Bank
3)  Government department

4) Famous hotel
5)  Monument

6)  Railway

7)  Ship
8)  Newspaper
9)  Planet 
10) Particular common noun
11) Repetition of common noun
12) Representing entire class
13) Range of mountains
14) Group of Islands
15) Ocean
16) Sea
17) Gulf
18) Magazines
19) Museum
20) Nationality
21) Ordinals
22) Superlatives
23) Unique in the world
24) Famous awards
25) Direction
26) Mentioning entire family members
27) Desert
28) Canal 
29) Lake 
30) Famous temple
31) Empire
32) The dam

33) Forts
34) High profile post

35) Caves
36) Airport 

37) Waterfall
38) Sanctuary 
39) Sports event
40) Famous Hospital 
41)  Famous library
42) Shopping mall
43) Bay  
44) Studio
45) Missile
46) Institute
47) Geographical Lines
48) Race
49) Movement 
50) Political parties
The Bible, The Quran, The Gita
The SBI, The Axis Bank
The Revenue Department,
The income tax department
The Taj hotel
The Taj Mahal, The Bibi ka Makbara
The Sachkhand Express, 
The Devgiri Express
The Gangotri, The Titanic
The Lokmat, The Sakal
The Venus, The Jupiter
The man, The tree
I saw a boy. The boy was hungry.
The cow is a useful animal. Here the cow represents entire cow community.
The Himalaya, The Alps
The Andaman, The Nicobar
The Pacific, The Indian Ocean
The Arabian sea
The Persian gulf
The week, The outlook
The Salarjung museum
The Indian, The French
The second, The Third
The greatest, The smallest
The sun, The moon
The Nobel, The Bharat Ratna
The north, The south
The Patil’s,The Deshpande

The Sahara,The Thar
The Suez, The Panama
The Dal Lake
The Balaji temple
The Maurya Empire
The Shankar Dam,The Bakra Nangal
The Raigad
The Prime Minister,The collector
Ajanta caves
The Rajiv Gandhi Airport Hyderabad
The Girsappa, The Niagara
The Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary
The Commonwealth games
The Apollo Hospital
The National library
The Inorbit
The Bay of Bengal
The R K Studio
The Agni,The Prithvi
The Shivaji Education Society
The Equator.The latitude
The Jews
The noncooperation movement
The BJP, The Congress
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