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Std.12 | English | Drafting Virtual Message

This question appears for four marks which is allotted to check students creativity.

Std.12 | English | Drafting Virtual Message

Drafting Virtual Message
1. You will be given telephonic conversation or audio chat between two speakers.
2. It is written for a third person.
3. Do mention date, time, name of the receiver, body of the message and lastly name of the sender.
4. Do write important details of the conversation, don’t add unnecessary information.
5. Take care of tenses, punctuation rules, spellings etc.
6. Language must be simple lucid and in indirect speech form.
7. Word limit 50 to 60 words, 10 to 16 lines.
Q. Using information from the dialouge given below , write the  message which Prapti left for Sanskruti . do not leave out any  important information or add any new information

Riya          : Is it 9569258321?
Prapti       : Yes, is it.
Riya          : May I talk to Sanskruti?
Prapti       : I am her friend, her roommate. She has gone to library just now. Any message?
Riya          : Please inform her that today there is my felicitation programme at Kusum auditorium as I scored 650 marks in NEET. I want her to be present for this programme.
Prapti       :  It is at 6 p.m. on June.
Prapti       :  Don’t worry. I will inform, congratulation.

Answer :
                                                                                                   May 31, 2022 ,10   am
                     There was a telephonic call from your friend, Riya. She informed you that you should attend her felicitation programme arranged on June 12 at  6 p.m. at Kusum Auditorium, as she scored 650 marks in NEET. When she called, you had gone to library. You can call her when you are free

Q. Imagine you are not well and will not be able to attend lectures at college. Draft a message about 100 to 150 words to convey the same to your teacher and your own reasons to support your message.

                                                                                                     March 04, 2022 10 a.m.

Respected Sir,
                              I am Diya, student of 12th Batch, Division A. I am writing this message to convey that I can’t attend today’s class as I am not well. I have mild fever and mild cough. Our family doctor has advised to take rest for 2 days. That’s why sir, I am unable to attend your class. I hope you will grant my request. I will compensate the loss of studies as I am recovered from this.
                 Thanks regards.

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