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Std.12 | English | Group Discussion

Group discussion is a creative writing for students allotting four marks

group discussion 12 th English

Rules :
1. Here you will be given a topic.
2. The participants are expected to give their opinions or views on the concerned topic.
3. 3 to 4 participants are expected.
4. Each participant will speak about 3 to 4 line conversation related to topic.
5. Take care of tense, punctuation rules, proper sentence structure.  

Example 1: 
Imagine that you have discussed with your friends on:

Mobile addiction , Write the discussion as a part of group discussion.

I : Nowadays, many students or better say everyone is addicted to
mobile . Really , Mobile has changed our lifestyle.

Rahul : Mobile is not bad, the way we use it is really bad. Actually mobile has brought all the world at one platform , mobile is true greatest invention of science.

John : The Government should take strict action against the vulgar sites. They should be banned ,secondly there should be awareness programme arranged by school regarding the of social media.

Akbar : Yes, you are right. Social media is responsible to spoil the generation. It should be used carefully. Actually social media is responsible for distracting people 

Example 2:
Imagine that you have recently discussed with your friends on the benefits of travelling. Write a group discussion or dialogues related to it.

Ram : Recently I have come from Kerala, a really wonderful place. I think that travelling gives us plenty of benefits. Travelling makes us wise.

Rohim : Yes, you are right ,travelling is responsible for our development. We can see new places, experience our culture.

Mary : I proceed  that travelling is really helpful for our education. We meet new people, experience their costumes, etc. Travelling adds a great content to our knowledge.

Shyam : I agree with you ,travelling opens a new vista to our knowledge. I personally think one should travel a lot for the enrichment of his knowledge. Lets arrange a trip to a scenic place and enjoy travelling ad seek the benefits of travelling.

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