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Std.12 | Poetic Appreciation | Money

Here is the poetic appreciation of all the poems of std 12th , useful for students. this question appears for four marks, and it is compulsory, You have to learn or you can use it in your language

Poetic Appreciation of All Poems of std 12 th

About the poet/poem:
This thoughtful poem is written by William Davies, a Welsh poet and writer. The poem tells about a rich man who wants to become a poor man to get happiness. When we lose money, we realize how important money is. When we have no money, we realize our true friends. The poet has actually experienced the difference between the life of a poor man and a rich man.

The theme of the poem:
When we are rich, many people try to be with us as our friends, not for us but money. Money is responsible for bringing people close to us, at the same time, when we don’t have money, some limited people are with us , and poverty shows the real mentality of unreal friends.

Poetic Device:
The poem has five stanzas of four lines each. The major figures of speech are inversion, simile, onomatopoeia etc. stanzas 3 to 5 have rhyme scheme a b a b.

Message / my opinion:
This poem states the importance of money in our life. It clearly shows poor men may be away from money but are very close to happiness ,whereas rich people may not experience happiness because of the influence of money. Money invites many friends but they may not be faithful, real friends are known in  our poverty.

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