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Std.12 | Around The World In Eighty Days | Activity Sheet

A.1    Character
Select character the following which is not a major character of the novel. Justify your answer.
a]    Phileas         
b]      Aouda        
c]       James         
d]      Jean Passepartout
A2]    Plot.                                                                                                                              
Arrange the incidents in correct sequence as per their occurrence in the extract.
A]    Aouda accepted Fogg’s proposal of marriage.
B]    When set free, the first thing that Fogg did was he knocked Fix down.
C]    As a part of duty, Fix arrested Fogg.
D]    At the fifty- seventh second, Fogg entered the Reform Club Saloon.
A3]    Character

          Complete the table highlighting the various traits of the major characters in the extract.

Phileas Fogg






Detective Fix


A4]    Setting : Select the correct options.
I]     Select the two places in India that are not mentioned in the extract of the novel.
a]    Bombay (Now, Mumbai)         
b]      Allahabad
c]     Cheenai
d]      Calcutta (Now, Kolkata)
II]        Describe the Importance of the following place in the development of the plot and behavior of the characters.

Place: Liverpool

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