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Std.12_Developing Story_Worksheet

Story is a narration of incidents and events which may be real or imaginary.
 ‘The art of story writing is the ability to communication with beauty.’
Question form
1. Develop a story to get the following
2. Complete the story with the help of the beginning given
3.  Suggest a suitable title.

1. Read the question (Beginning or End) carefully once or twice in order to have a clear idea of the plot.

2.The beginning of the story should be Generally stories are from imaginary life we should use “Once upon a time, Once, Long ago, One day etc. If beginning is given begin the story with that only.
3. Use simple language in story Simple language makes our story natural and lively.
4. Use of Dialogues and
5. Give the suitable title to the story from the main character, theme and
6. Write about the moral lessons at the end of the
7.  Use of proper tense.

a. Simple past tense
: Things which happened or describe incidents .We can use simple past For ex: Long ago, there was a prince. He lived in Japan.

b. Past continuous tense:
Things which were in progress in past those can be write in past.

For ex:      1. The fox saw a hunter while he was wandering in the forest.
2. The sun was shining while the prince went
3. The woodcutter fell down while he was climbing on a tree.

c. Past perfect tense
: When we are writing two actions happened in past than use past perfect for first action and simple past for second.
For ex : 1. We had slept when thieves entered in our house.
2. The prince cried because he had worked so hard to create a beautiful garden.

d. Present and future tense: Write dialogue in present and
For ex : The King said to his men, “ Cut that child in to two, let each woman have one part.”

Honesty is the best policy

Once, there was village called Rampur. In that village there was a boy called Rakesh. He was orphan. His parents died when he was child.

His uncle takes care of him. Now he was eighteen years of age. He was poor but very brilliant  in  his  studies.  He  was  studying  in  college  in city. He was unable to pay college fees. He wanted to earn himself now. So he decided to find a job to earn the money to pay the fees.

He got a job with a prominent jeweler. He was working not only hard but also honestly .The manager of the shop was looking for an honest partner in his  business.  He  decided  to  test  Rakesh’s  honesty  though he was satisfied about Rakesh’s work. One day, the manager left a five hundred rupee note on the floor purposely and went out.

Rakesh, while working, found the note. He returned the note to the manager. The manager was pleased as Rakesh was passed in his test. Rakesh rose in his favour and finally became a partner in the shop Because of his honesty and hard work, Rakesh was rewarded.

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