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A1. Write a short paragraph on food with the help of the diagram given below.

Food : Types, Advantages and Care.

Food is very essential for body development and growth. Man cannot live without food. We eat food daily. There are two types of food, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Some people prefer corns, wheat, rice jowar, bajara, pulses, pulses, fruits, vegetables as their food. Most of the Indian eat these things. Others like to eat eggs, meat, chicken that is non-veg food. Both veg and non-veg food is essential for growth. Body creates blood with the help of the food that we eat, maybe veg or non- veg. It gives energy for work. The growth of body depends on the food we eat. While eating food care should be taken. We should eat on time. Eating on time is useful and helpful. The gap between two meals should not be too little or too big. Food intake depends on age group and the type of work we do. We should eat whatever necessary as per age, health and work . Cooking food should be taken care of. Food should be well cooked. If ill cooked, it harms body. Eat delicious, tasty, nutritious, fresh and well cooked food.
Eat enough, Live long.  Don’t live for eating, eat for living.

A2.Verbal to Non-verbal: Read the following paragraph and prepare a tree diagram to give the description of the oils we use every day.

There are three kinds of oils. The first is groundnut oil. This is made from groundnuts. It is edible and is used for cooking.
The second kind of oil is vegetable oil. This is made from vegetable flowers. This can be used to make soaps, medicines and scents.
The third kind of oil is mineral oil. It is found in the crust of the earth. It is used to drive machines. It is also used in the industry.

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