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The Black Aeroplane

Here are the key points of The Black Aeroplane, CBSE std 10th

The black aeroplane CBSE class 10 th

The Black Aeroplane

This wonderful story invites a lot of mysteries in our mind. It invites a great curiosity whether ghosts exist in reality?
Do aliens haunt us?

Does this world encompass great mysteries?

Does God help us in our trouble?

After reading this mysterious story the previous questions always rule over our mind. As the story finishes, we have to console our curious mind that this world is full of mysteries and suspense but lastly we have to agree that there are certain forces in our universes that act mysteriously.
Key Points:

*The author on the way to England.
The author was flying his old Dakota aeroplane over France back to England.  It was a pleasant scene outside as the stars were shining   brightly and the moon was coming up in the east behind him . It was     around 1 am at night.

*Anticipating Breakfast:
The author was very happy as he was expecting a delicious breakfast with his family next morning. He  was dreaming of his holiday with his family. Mean time he called Paris control room telling he was back to England. He was advised to take twelve degrees west.

* Change in Situation
Suddenly there was change in atmosphere. Paris was about 150 kilometres behind him. Suddenly he saw a great kingdom of black clouds every where , They felt like mountains for him , He was confused and couldn’t decide what to do.

*The Author’s confusion :
He decided to move back but his intense desire to go to home stopped him. His aeroplane twisted and jumped in the air. He couldn’t understand what to do. He decided to contact control room but he noticed that he lost contact of the control room and he found the compass inactive, He found himself completely lost in the storm.

* The turning point :
Suddenly he saw another aeroplane flying by. It had no lights on the wings. The pilot of the aeroplane beckoned him to follow. The author was very happy to find a companion. He followed him blindly for half an hour. He noticed that the fuel was limited for 5 to 10 minutes . He decided to go down respecting the capacity of the fuel.

*The author was shocked :
As he came out of the clouds, he noticed a runway .His plane was landed safely. Immediately he went to the control room but to his surprise, the woman in charge of the control tower told him that there was no other aeroplane except his that right now, the author was greatly surprised wondering about the pilot who helped him.
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