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Want Freedom From Stress? Here are some Tips

Here are some tips to relieve stress or tension and also anger

How to relieve stress , solutions for relieving stress
Nowadays many people are in great stress, reasons may be many but its consequences are very severe. Stress invites a lot of severe diseases and aliments.

Stress is always unnatural but we have certain natural solutions for it , just follow the following tips to relive from stress and enjoy a stress-free life.

Here are some tips to relieve stress in five minutes:

1. Listen To Your favourite songs:

Yes it is true, if we listen our favourite song when we are in stress, surely our mood gets changed and our mind gets relax.

2. Eat Sweets:

Believe it or not, chocolate and other sweet items  surely reduce the stress. Chocolate contains certain acid and it helps to reduce stress. When we eat sweets, our mood gets changed and we feel stressfree.
3. Remembers Your Favourite places:

When we are in stress, just remember your favourite picnic spot or any of your favourite vacations spot, recall the memories you will find yourself in that place and your mood will be changed.
4. Note Down :

Just write down the reasons why are you in stress, believe it or not, it helps. When we write such things, our subconscious mind works a lot and play a great role to relieve stress.
5. Change the place:

Yes it is the best option, whenever we are in anger or stress, we should leave the place , the new place brings new feelings and our stress will be reduced.

6. lenmon Juice with honey or Green Tea:

Lemon juice or green tea is also the best challenges to stress. Green tea contains ‘contain certain elements’ which help to reduce stress and no challenge to natural honey with lemon juice.

7. Countdown:

When you are angry or in stress, count the number from 10 to 9. Really it helps. Attention will be diverted and your mood will be changed.

8. Eat Fruits:

If possible, whenever you are angry or in stress, eat fruits, the pleasant smell of fruits change our mood. Really it works a lot.

9. Smell Flowers Fragrance:

When you are in stress just have smell of flowers, the pleasant smell of flowers changes our mood and we feel fresh, specially the flowers like rose, mogra, jasmine play a great role for this.

10. Meet Your Friend:
Whenever we are angry or in stress, just meet your friend and see the difference, your meeting with your friend takes you to comfort zone and your informal discussion with him will surely change your mood.

Just follow all these techniques, you will surely command over your stress or anger.
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