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Useful Proverbs

1]      A burnt child dreads the fire (one who has once got hurt by anything will           avoid it afterwards)

2]      A friend in need is a friend indeed (A true friend helps and supports in           adversity)

3]      A rolling stone gathers no moss (An unsteady man never achieves success.)

4]      All that glitters is not gold (‘Appearances are often deceptive)’.

5]      A stitch in time saves nine (A defect removed in time, saves us from a great           deal of trouble afterwards )

6]      A little pot is soon hot (A narrow- minded person losses his temper vary   soon)  

7]      Sleeping fox catches no poultry (An idle man cannot get anything.)

8]      A fool and his money are soon parted (A foolish is easily deprived of his    money)

9]      A flow of words is no proof of wisdom (A talkative man is not necessarily a           wise man)

10]    A man without purpose is a ship without a rudder

          (A man who has no clear aim is likely to fail)

11]    A rotten sheep infects the whole flock (A bad man corrupts the whole           company)

12]    A tree is known by its fruit (The character of a man is judged by his actions).

13]    As you sow so shall you reap (one will have to suffer the consequences of           one’s acts.)

14]    An empty vessel makes much noise (A man who has no real worth, always           boasts of his qualities.)

15]    A full purse never lacks friends (One should not delay what one can do at          the moment)

16]    All’s well that ends well (All defects vanish if a thing ends successfully)

17]    All doors are open to courtesy ( A man of courtesy can get work done.)

18]    Beggars should not be choosers (Those who seek favours should not         impose their choice)

19]    A wooden leg is better than no leg  (It is better to have a little support than       to have none.)

20]    A penny saved is penny gained (If one saves a little money it is as good as           gaining it).

21]    A reconciled friend is a double enemy ( A friend lost and won is more           dangerous than an enemy,)

22]    Blood is thicker than water (Kinship is stronger than friend ship, for water           evaporates but blood does not.)

23]    Easy come, easy go (what is acquire without effort, is spent without          thought .)

24]    Every dog has his day (Everybody has some period of success)

25]    Example is better than precept (Action is better than teaching.)

26]    A bald head is soon shaved (A simple and innocent man is soon deceived)

27]    An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes (An angry man is           governed by passions and loses self- control)..

28]    Cut your coat according to your cloth (One must spend within the limits of        his income)

29]    Fortune favours the brave (Those who are brave always succeed)

30]    Habit is second nature (Custom makes all things easy)

31]    Handsome is that handsome does ( A really handsome person is he who   does handsome deeds)

32]    Drowning man catches at straw (Those who are in danger try to save           themselves with the least possible support they can get)

33]    Charity begins at home (We favour our relations first and others      afterwards.)

34]    Choose a wife rather by your ear than by our eye (Select a wife of good    conduct and not of good external appearance.)

35]    He lacks most who longs most (He who has endless wants will never be    happy.)

36]    Hunger is the best sauce (A hungry man is never particular about the        quality of food.)

37]    It is no good crying over split milk (It is useless  to feel sorry for the mistake           done.)

38]    I ll go, ill spent (wealth got by unfair or dishonest means is usually   squandered sinfully .)

39]    It is hard to sit at Rome and fight with pope (We cannot fight with those whom we depend on.)

40]    Idleness is the rust of mind ( A man is spoiled if he does not  work.)

41]    Beware of silent dog and still water (silent people are often very       dangerous.)

42]    Diamond cuts diamond (Like diseases are cured by like remedies.)

43]    Every cloud has a silver lining (Every evil thing has some or the other        quality)

44]    First deserve and then desire (One should desire thinks only when one is eligible for it)

45]    Fools make feast, and wise men eat them (Wise men enjoy themselves at          the cost of foolish people.)

46]    Good swimmers are often drowned (Too much of confidences often brings           about failure.)

47]    Go to bed with the lamp, and rise with the lark (Early to bed and early to           rise)

48]    Honesty is the best policy (Honest people succeed the most.)

49]    It takes two to make a quarrel ( One cannot quarrel all alone.)

50]    Kill two birds with one stone (Try to get two things done by one effort)

51]    Let bygones be bygones (One should not worry about the past things.)

52]    Make hay while the sun shines (to do a thing at the most opportune time )

53]    Man proposes God disposes (Wishes of men are subjected to God’s           mercy.)

54]    Money makes the mare go (Much can be done under the influence of       money).

55]    Many men, many minds (Everybody has got his own likes and dislikes)

56]    Manners Makes a man (Manners increase the importance of man.)

57]    Misfortunes seldom come alone (Sorrows and sufferings surround man on         all sides)

58]    Murder will out (None can cancel a murder.)

59]    No gains without pains ( One cannot enjoy advantage until one is prepared       for hard labour.)

60]    No rose without a thorn (Pleasure and pain go together.)

61]    No man can serve two (masters (It is impossible for one to satisfy two      persons at one and the same time)

62]    Necessity is the mother of invention (Every new invention is caused by           necessity.)

63]    One beats the bush, another catches the hare (People often enjoy the       fruits of the labour done by others,)

64]    Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches (only those who suffer best           know their miseries.)

65]    Out of sight, out of mine (Even the nearest and dearest one)

66]    One swallow does not make a spring (One man along cannot the whole   thing).

67]    Pride goeth before a fall (A proud man is bound to be hum badly one day.)

68]    Prevention is better than cure (It is better if you present a mis-fortune than       if you find a cure for it when it has come)

69]    Practice makes perfect (A man can improve a lot by continuous practice)

70]    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others (Those           who have greating defects in their character should not criticize others.)

71]    Rome was not built in a day (Nothing really great can be got in a short     time.)

72]    Slow and steady wins the race (One who works steadily though slowly will           succeed at last.)

73]    Spare the road and spoil the child (Children not kept under control get     spoiled later)

74]    Stolen waters are sweet (Things earned by evil means appear to be very           charming).

75]    Still waters run deep (silent and reserved persons are generally intelligent).

76]    Soft words break no bones (Gentle and courteous speech harms none.)

77]    Time and tide wait for none (One cannot stay the course of time)

78]    Where there is will, there is the way (If one has a strong will to do    anything, one can find out the way to get it done.)

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