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Useful videos to improve English

Following are the videos links which will help for you to improve your English, these videos are based on practical English and motivational stories.

useful videos to improve english

1. Office Etiquettes And Mannerism - How to Talk To Our Seniors, Our Boss

 2. How To Express Time In English  

3. Different Ways to Express Thanks

4. Useful Tips For Speaking English For New Learners

5. Motivational Stories For 10th and 12th Students

6. Top Life Changing Thoughts

7.  Motivational Story of Three Shopkeepers

8.   Immortal Motivational Thoughts.

9.  A Motivational Story - After Listening this story, you can control your anger

10. Are you angry with your own Anger? This story will tell its solution

11.  How to score good marks for Competitive Exams in English?

12. Constant Failure Haunts You? This story will Surely help you

13. May I come in Sir? Or Can I come in Sir? Which is the correct one?

14.  Thoughts That May Change Your Thoughts.

15.  12th English New Paper Pattern Declaration

16.  12th English - Around The World In 80 Days, Summary. 

17.   हमारे स्वभाव के बारे में एक प्रेरक कहानी

18.  12th English Novel 1, The History Of Novel Summary 

19.  12th English, Novel, To Sir, With Love 

20. 12th English, Novel, To Sir, With Love 

21. English Grammar - Simile Vs Metaphor

22. How To Write Personal Response Questions

23. 12th English Paper Pattern And Deleted Portion

24. 30 Reasons To Do Exercise

25. May I Come In Sir? Or Can I Come In Sir? Which Is Correct?

26. Motivational Story - लगातार असफलता आपको परेशान करती है? 

27.  एक प्रेरणादायक कहानी जो आपको सफलता के लिए प्रेरित करेगी

28. Inspiring Stories For Ambitious Students

29. How To Introduce Yourself In An Interview

30. Useful Tips For Speaking English For New Learners

31. Different Ways to Express Thanks

32. Improve Your English With The Help Of ' Articles' 

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