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Words often coming in pairs

There are some words which often appear in pairs and form an amazing meaning


1)            To and Fro:

                That day he was walking to and fro in anger.

2)            Ups and downs:

                We have to suffer many ups and downs in our life.

3)            Wear and tear: degradation

                Think about wear and tear while accepting this proposal.

4)            Thick and thin: Good and bad condition

                My friends stand by me through thick and thin.

5)            Sixes and sevens: Great noise

                In the absence of teacher, the class is at sixes and sevens.

6)            Pros and cons: Good and bad side

                Think pros and cons before accepting this job.

7)            Part and parcel: Very important

                Problems are a part and parcel of our life.

8)            Hustle and bustle: Great hurry

                When the train comes, the station is full of hustle and bustle.

9)            Helter and skelter: Disorder

                When the police arrived, the mob was running helter and skelter.

10)          Heart and soul: With all power

                I always support you heart and soul.

11)          Hard and fast: Strict, several

                Take your time to do this; there is no hard and fast rule.

12)          Hand in hand: altogether

                Joys and sorrows come in our life hand in hand.

13)          Face to face: facing each other

                I want to talk to you face to face.

14)          Bread and butter: livelihood

                He earns bread and butter by writing poems and novels.

15)          All in all: Very important person.

                He is all in all in our society.

1)            Accessary                 –              a helper in any act

                Accessory                –              additional

2)            Accident                   –              an unexpected happening usually

                                                                     tragic in nature

                Incident                    –              occurrence

3)            Accept                        –              to agree, to take

                Except                       –              exempt

4)            Access                        –              approach

                Excess                      –              more than enough

5)            Abjure                       –              to renounce

                Adjure                       –              to appeal

6)            Abstain                     –              avoid a thing

                Refrain                     –              avoid an action

7)            Addition                   –              putting more

                Edition                     –              number or form of publication

8)            Adept                        –              skillful

                Adapt                        –              to suit, to adjust

                Adopt                        –              to take up

9)            Adject                        –              miserable

                Object                        –              purpose

10)          Allusion                    –              reference

                Illusion                    –              False idea

11)          Adverse                     –              contrary, hostile

                Adverse                    –              unwilling, reluctant

12)          Aggregate                –              total

                Aggravate                –              to worsen

13)          Air                               –              wind

                Ere                              –              before

                Heir                           –              one who inherits

14)          Affect                        –              to act

                Effect                        –              accomplish

15)          Admission              –              being admitted

                Admittance            –              letting in

16)          Allude                      –              to make an indirect reference

                Elude                       –              to escape, evade

17)          Altar                         –              sacred place of worship

                Alter                         –              change

18)          Amiable                  –              lovable

                Amicable               –            friendly way

19)          Ark                           –            a boat

                Arc                           –            a part of a circle

                Arch                        –              a curved structure

20)         Apposite                –            proper

                Opposite               –              contrary              

21)          Appreciable         –             considerable, noticeable

                Appreciative       –             thankful, admirable

                Apprehensive     –              anxious, worried

22)          Apathy                   –              indifference

                Antipathy             –              hostility

23)          Alternate              –              perform by turns

                Alternative           –              choice 

24)          Alternation          –              change

                Altercation           –              quarrel

25)          Assent                     –              agreement        

                Ascent                     –              climbing up, going up

26)          Ascetic                    –             one leading an ouster life

                 Aesthetic              –              having a love for beauty and art

27)          Assay                       –              purity

                Essay                       –              a piece of composition

28)          Aught                      –              anything

                Ought                      –              Modal auxiliary

29)          Avert                       –              to turn away

                Invert                     –              to reverse the order of

30)          Artists                    –              who practices fine arts

                Artiste                    –              a performer in singing / dancing

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