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Words Often Confused


Some words in English confuse us in pronunciation, spelling as well as meanings. Lets have a look at some of such examples…

1 Ascetic one leading an outerlife
  Aesthetic having love for beauty and art
2 Assay purity
  Essay a piece of composition
3 Aught Anything
  Ought modal auxiliary
4 Avert to turn away
  Invert to reverse the order of
5 Artists who practices fine arts
  Artiste a performer in singing / dancing
6 Abstain avoid a thing
  Refrain avoid an action
7 Addition putting more
  Edition number or form of publication
8 Adept skillful
  Adapt to suit, to adjust
  Adopt to take up
9 Adject miserable
  Object purpose
10 Allusion reference
  Illusion False idea
11 Adverse contrary, hostile
  Adverse unwilling, reluctant
12 Aggregate total
  Aggregate to worsen
13 Air wind
  Ere before
  Heir one who inherits
14 Affect to act
  Effect accomplish
15 Admission being admitted
  Admittance letting in
16 Allude to make an indirect reference
  Elude to escape, evade
17 Altar sacred place of worship
  Alter change
18 Amiable lovable
  Amicable friendly way
19 Ark a boat
  Arc a part of a circle
  Arch a curved structure
20 Apposite proper
  Opposite contrary
21 Appreciable considerable, noticeable
  Appreciative thankful, admirable
  Apprehensive anxious, worried
22 Apathy indifference
  Antipathy hostility
23 Alternate perform by turns
  Alternative choice
24 Alternation change
  Altercation quarrel
25 Assent agreement
  Ascent climbing up, going up
26 Accessary a helper in any act
  Accessory additional
27 Accident an unexpected happening usually tragic in nature
  Incident occurrence
28 Accept to agree, to take
  Except exempt
29 Access approach
  Excess more than enough
30 Abjure to renounce
  Adjure to appeal

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