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16. Worksheet / ClassTest – Indirect Speech

Here is a worksheet on Indirect Speech for students

Q  Change the following sentences into Indirect Or Reported Speech
1. Dev Said to his brother,” You cant challenge me in wrestling .”
2. Ansuhri said to Prachi V , ” You shouldnt eat Samose everday. “
3. Harsh said to Om, ” I am waiting for offline class.”
4. Jugraj singh said to Shrinivas, ” How do you get more marks?”
5. Kalyani said to Prachi l , ” you should eat more fruits for your health.”
6. Kaushal said to  Pushakar, ” I have come from Mudhkhed.”
7. Prerna said to Rashi, ” Why do keep such  a big handkerchief?”
8. Riddhi said to Shourya,” Please tell me your diet plan.”
9. Ruturaj said to Shri, ” May I take your vadapav?”
10. Sanjog said to Shikha, ” Please , tell me about Maruti Suzuki Vehicles.”
11. Prithivi said,” I dont like to do laziness.”
12. Tilak said to Yuvraj, ” Please , come to my birthday party.”
13. Tanvi said to her sister, ” Your cakes are very popular in the city.”
14. Devansh said to her friends, ” Have you seen my toys?”
15. Kalyani said, ” I am sure of my success.”

1. Dev told his brother that he couldn’t challenge him in wrestling
2. Anushri told Prachi V that she shouldn’t  eat samose everyday
3. Harsh told Om that he was waiting for offline class
4. Jugraj singh asked Jugrajsingh how he got more marks
5. Kalyani told Prachi that she should eat more fruits for her health
6. Kaushal told Pushkar that he had come from Mudkhed
7. Prenara asked Rashi why she kept such a big handkerchief
8. Riddhi requested Shourya to tell her diet plan
9. Ruturaj aksed Shri if he might take his vadapav
10. Sanjog requested Shika to tell her about Maruti Suzuki vehicles
11. Prithivi said that he didn’t like to do laziness
12. Tilak requested Yuvraj to go to his birthday
13. Tanvi told her sister that her cakes were very popular in the city
14. Devansh asked her friends if they had seen his toys
15. Kalyani said that she was sure of her success
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