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Std.12 | Poetic Appreciation | Have you Earned your Tomorrow

Here is the poetic appreciation of all the poems of std 12th , useful for students. this question appears for four marks, and it is compulsory, You have to learn or you can use it in your language

                                                   Poetic Appreciation of All Poems of std 12 th

                                                                   Have you Earned your Tomorrow

About the poet and poem
This is an inspirational poem written by Edgar Guest who is known as a people’s poet, for his simple style and optimistic tone of writing. He was an American writer for newspapers and magazines. The poet expects that we should improve our quality of life by helping others or doing good for others.As a result we improve the quality of our future. Today’s actions are responsible for tomorrow’s reactions.

The theme
The poet directly emphasizes the question to the readers to stress his intention. He expects that we should be careful while maintaining relationships with others because doing or behaving well with others is indirectly inviting good for us to make our future bright.
We should be thoughtful in our everyday life ,we should avoid negative features of behaviour like rudeness ,jealousy etc.

Poetic Device
We find 11 interrogations in the poem which clearly state the intention of the poet. The language is very simple and clear,each stanza has a rhyming scheme to make the poem musical, it consists of figures of speech like an interrogation, Synecdoche, alliteration, etc.

The message of the poem / my opinion
 The poem gives a great message of a bright future, if our present is positive. our future will be surely positive. Our tomorrow depends on today’s behavior. If our actions are positive today, tomorrow we experience a bright future. In short, live today with a positive attitude, and make your future with great goodwill.

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