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Add a Question Tag

Add a ? tag is used to stress our opinion.
is – isn’t
are- arent
If sentence is positive, tag is negative, if sentence is negative , tag will be positive.

add a ? tag rules with examples

Rule 1: If sentence is positive, tag will be negative

for ex: I help him everyday, dont I?

Rule 2: If sentence is negative, tag will be positive

I dont help him , do I ?

Rule 3: In case of imperative, tag will be will you?

for ex; Obey my orders, will you?

Rule 4 In case of lets tag will be shall we?

Lets go now, shall we?

1) We found him.

Ans: We found him, didnt we?

2) You can help him.

Ans: You can help him , cant you?

3) Animals also need space.

Ans: Animals also need space, don’t they?

4) He has outlasted them all.

Ans: He has outlasted them all, hasnt he?

5) They love all kinds of games and sports.

Ans: They love all kinds of games and sports, dont they?

6) High prices indicate high quality.

7) That sounds more like it.

8) He never read them until after her death.

9) I cannot say.

10) They cant do that.

11) I am here.

12) I have written a very long letter to you.

13) Toys are meant for children.

14) Start a movement.

15) Polish my shoes nicely.

16) Ask your questions.

17) I am perfectly capable of managing my house.

18) Let’s take another example.

19) Let me give you my personal Example.

20) You can “convince her.

21) Planting is no work for princess.

22) I will teach you.

23) There was no answer.

24) There was a lot of noise.

25) He must be an influential man.

26) It gives you more freedom.

27) I am “Very busy.

28) I am not in a hurry.

29) There are many girls in the hall.

30) He will fail.

31) Money does not grow on trees.

32) You won’t be late again.

33) you needn’t stay there.

34) No one knows it.

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