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Here statement is given, some part is underlined , according to that we have to prepare question using following formula.
Wh – word + helping verb+ subject + main verb?

1) His parents were dead.

Ans: Whose parents were dead?

2) The study of Indian law was tedious business.

Ans: What was tedious business?

3) The Principal found that I was not a graduate.

Ans: What did the principal find?

4) I told the agent that 1 couldn’t conduct the case.

Ans: What did I tell the agent?

5) He placed his arm around him affectionately.

Ans: Where did he place his arm?

6) I came here, to seek your permission.

7) They do this day in and day out.

8) The Maoris are the natives of New Zealand.

9) I had been invited to spend a holiday with some friends.

10) Tagore’s personality was not one-sided.

11) Bad news had come from the battle field.

12) The king sent for the minister’s daughter.

13) Travel between India and Srilanka is rigidly controlled.

14) Everything worked out fine.

15) The impulse to blame others is a defensive measure.

16) He decided to hide in his own business office.

17) It imparts fertility and prosperity.

18) Lord Siva agreed to receive Ganga in his tresses.

19) They think of their daily bread and butter.

20) The President will address both the houses jointly.          \

21) The President will address both houses jointly.

22) Cattle owners will understand the seriousness of the problem.

23) The Nazis invaded the Netherlands in May 1940.

24) The region becomes intensely cold in winter.

25) We left Deharadun early in the morning.

26) He decided to hide in his own business office.

27) Mr.Patil sought a better job as he wanted to improve his financial position.

28) For nearly a decade and half Kapil Dev has symbolized vital energy.

29) We have plenty of trained people.

30) She performs her job with zeal and enthusiasm.

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