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No sooner should be applied to first action, after no sooner ,take helping verb, if am is are available , no problem, in absence of them take do, did, does according to verb form

Rewrite the sentence by using ‘no sooner………than’

1) As soon as I posted a letter, I went home.

Ans: No sooner did I post a letter than I went home

2) As soon as the Principal entered the class, all the students stood up.

Ans : No sooner did the principal enter the class than all the students stood up

3)  As soon as Kapil Dev appeared on the scene Indian cricket became a different game.

Ans: No sooner did Kapil Dev did appear on the scene , Indian cricket became a different game

4) As soon as the king reached his garden, he sent for the minister’s daughter.

5)  I found it as soon as I overcame the bad habit of judging others.

6) As soon as Johnson got through, we began talking together.

7) As soon as it arrived, he would go out and celebrate.

8)  As soon as the article came to my mind, I stopped yelling.

9) As soon as the mid day meal was over, it was suggested that we go for a picnic.

10) As soon as I had boarded I.N.S. Sukanya, a crash radio message was handed over to me.

11) As soon as the train had gone, I found myself standing alone on the platform.

12) They produce electricity as soon as they are joined together.

13) As soon as the sun had gone, he began to get frantic.

14) As soon as they are full grown, the nurse ants carry them to the cocoon chamber.

15) As soon as Mihir Sen had reached the Indian shore, the people welcomed him.

16) As soon as the chutney is ready, the mixer will be switched off.

17) As soon as the milk is heated, the water vapour expands.

18) As soon as the Nazis invaded Netherlands, the Franks were trapped.

19) As soon as he turned to follow his friends, he saw only blackness.

20) As soon as they landed, they hoisted the Indian National Tri-colour.

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