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Blaming Others Is an Easy Game, Avoid It ( 2. A Motivational Story)

Blaming Others Is a simple Game, Avoid It

Motivational Story
A Motivational story
Once there was an artist. He used to draw beautiful paintings. One day he drew a beautiful painting and kept in the centre of the market. He wrote a board beneath it requesting people to pluck out mistakes in the painting. He expected, there wouldn’t be any mistake in the painting.
Next day, many people saw the painting, they liked the instruction written beneath the painting, many people wrote many suggestions and suggested many corrections in the painting, better say there was a competition in plucking out mistake in the painting. Next day, when the artist saw the painting, he was simply shocked, he couldn’t believe it. The painting was literally in the garbage of people’s comments. He felt very bad. He approached to his mentor and told about it sorrowfully. His mentor told him not to be nervous, comforted him and told him to write on the board, “Please correct the mistakes in the painting when you keep another painting next time at the same place.” He did the same. Next day, he found that there was not a single line of comment. The picture was without corrections.
Moral: It is very easy to pluck out others Mistakes or blame others but very difficult to correct the mistakes. That’s why always respect peoples mistakes instead of  blaming or commenting on them, better we should tell them politely about their mistakes instead of pointing them.
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